Kaaba Is Not A Hindu Temple

Kaaba Is Not A Hindu Temple

Friday, 6 July 2012

Inside Kaaba

One of our Hindu brother who visited our Blog posted a question, which compelled me to create this post. He said,

"Hi!! all muslim friends, can u plz tell me what is inside Kabba. I'm sure u cannot because u always want it to be a secret.He he he he he ...... he, but we all Hindus knows it vry well why u all want to keep it as a secret."

So instead of explaining to him what exists inside the Kaaba, I thought of taking him on a virtual tour inside the Kaaba so that he himself can see what exists within the Kaaba and that is not at all a secret what we have there.

Detail Information of Kaaba 

What is Kaaba :
The Kaaba is a building located inside the masjid known as Al-Masjidu’l-Haram in Mecca. The masjid was built around the original Kaaba. The Kaaba is the holiest place in Islam. Muslims throughout the world face the Kaaba during their prayers.
The Kaaba is a large masonry structure roughly the shape of a cube. (The name Kaaba comes from the Arabic word meaning “cube”). It is made of granite from the hills near Mecca. The most current dimensions for the structure are: 15 m high (49′) with sides measuring 10.5 m (34′) by 12 m (39′). It is covered by a black silk cloth decorated with gold-embroidered calligraphy. This cloth is known as the kiswah; it is replaced yearly.

Inside the Kaaba :
There are three pillars inside
There is a small table on the side to put items like perfume and incense burners.
There are two lantern-type lamps hanging from a cross beam near the ceiling 
There are no electric lights inside 
The interior walls are clad with marble half-way to the roof. 
The entire floor is of marble except for a small portion which is called “Rukhamat Humra”. 
Tablets with Qur’anic inscriptions are inset in the marble. 
The top part of the walls is covered with a green cloth decorated with gold embroidered Qur’anic verses. 
There are no windows inside 
There is only one door 
The space can accommodate about 50 people
This is inside Kaa’bah.

Here are some videos of what the Kaaba looks like from Inside,



  1. Tell that friend of yours that he should be proud to be a HINDU.
    Please tell him that the SHIVLING is in Jamrat'al'Aqabah and not in kaaba.
    please dont lie because all know that

  2. joy werson:

    Yeh, I could tell him that but I thought of answering you first, and let him decide.

    So what ever looks like a shivling is claimed as shivling. Good.

    Do you atleast know what is Jamrat'al aqabah ?

    What about aj-jamrah al-'ūlā or aj-jamrah aṣ-ṣughrā and aj-jamrah al-wusṭā ?

    And the jamrah is not in Mecca, it's in mina situated 5 kilometers to the east of the Holy city of Mecca.

    Believe me, no one can speak more truth than this,




  3. man,im a muslim,but your arguments are weak and sucks!
    you disproove nothing of the hindus claims!
    dont deffend something you dont have the crasp of!
    those pictures shows the new renewal of the kaaba,whos not more than 10 years ago,and 20 years ago before that,and ind the 50`s,and who knows how many times before they have recunstucted and renewed the cube!theres ancient turkish/mongolian islamic pics where the prophet Mohamad is holding the black stone and placing it in clothings with his men!so,do we ever find out,if it where a hindu house of prayer,or metopotanian/babylonian/canaanit or maybe them all replacing each other thru the centourys!?who knows?
    all i know,that when the kaaba never been open for puplic eye to visit daily,im pretty sure something is wrong,and i dont like it!
    traces of hindu scripture in islam and the quran can be traced back to ancient hindu gods mythologi,and it has its proofs on this matter,and can be related and traced forward to islam and also judaism,christianity,because the ancient hindu script tells for an example about the adam creation story!
    and when the ancient hindu scripture is the oldest of all scriptures found ,and predating them all !!!!
    so this one is very hard to explain,swallow,handle or accept,but facts is facts!

  4. how come you awoided the hindus coment about the hindus not where welcommed in mecca?
    the important thing in my islam,how i understand it,man should be truth full !
    so how come you didnt comentate the issue?
    now i ask you!is the hindus not welcommed in mecca?how come?

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  5. Peace be upon you all and thank you!

  6. @John matrix: Recently many Tom, Dick & Harry's have started to claim to be Muslims, but when one looks up to their comments it becomes crystal clear that they are coward anti Islamist s in disguise, who are afraid of their faith, belief and religion.

    I have disproved most of the claims of Anti Islamist Hindus (Not all Hindus say Kaaba to be a Hindu Temple). The Questioner who questioned about the "Secrets" inside kaaba did mean the present state, not the past. The claim of discovering of gold plate by Oak is of recent origin not past :)

    Regarding the (said picture) of prophet Muhammad placing the black stone is an best example of Justice meted out by the prophet and nothing else. In dispute of fixing black stone, semi tribes of tribe Quraish were in front of each other for a fight to get the honor of fitting the Black Stone in the wall of Ka'ba. When all semi tribes of Quraish were right on the edge of a battle, a few chiefs of different tribes agreed on a solution that whoever will enter first next day in the morning in the Masjid around Ka'ba, will decide the solution of this dispute. Miraculously, the first person next day in the morning was Muhammad (S.A.A.W.). Chiefs of Quraish told him the whole situation and asked him to decide the dispute between them. Muhammad (S.A.A.W.) always stayed away from the ignorant politics of his ignorant tribe. That's why He (S.A.A.W.) was an agreed man from everyone as a third person to solve this dispute.

    He (S.A.A.W.) took a piece of cloak, put the Black Stone in the middle of cloak and asked 4 chiefs of all 4 tribes of Quraish to take each corner of the cloak and carry the Black stone to the wall of Ka'ba. When they all reached the wall of Ka'ba, Muhammad (S.A.A.W.) carried the stone with his own hands and fixed it in the wall of Ka'ba.

    This is a best example of a decision of peace and brotherhood in the middle of an expected bloodshed.

    Kaaba had been open to public (piligrims) many times. People have entered the kaaba, prayed there and came out. There is absolutely nothing in the Shariah that would prevent a believer from entering the Ka'ba. The way the Ka'ba currently stands was constructed by the people of pagan Quraish before the appointment of Prophethood of Prophet Mohamed (saws).

    Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 2.654 Narrated by Aisha

    I asked the Prophet (saws) whether the round wall (near Ka'ba) was part of the Ka'ba. The Prophet (saws) replied in the affirmative. I further said, "What is wrong with them, why have they not included it in the building of the Ka'ba?" He (saws) said, "Don't you see that your people (Quraish) ran short of money (so they could not include it inside the building of Ka'ba)?" I asked, "What about its gate? Why is it so high?" He (saws) replied, "Your people did this so as to admit into it whomever they liked and prevent whomever they liked. Were your people not close to the pre-Islamic Period of ignorance (i.e. they have recently embraced Islam), and were I not afraid that they would dislike it, surely I would have included the (area of the) wall inside the building of the Ka'ba and I would have lowered its gate to the level of the ground."

    The custodians of the Ka'ba generally keep the doors of the Ka'ba closed, but at times they do open it for their special guests. If a believer gets a chance, he may enter the Ka'ba and offer his prayers inside the Ka'ba.

    The semi-circular wall near the Ka'ba called the 'hateem' is generally open to the public and in light of the above authentic hadith of the Messenger of Allah (saws), it is considered a part of the Ka'ba building. One may offer his prayers in this area if one wishes, as that would be considered praying inside the Ka'ba.


  7. I am a student of comparative studies and have been studying Hinduism past 10-12 years, and as per my knowledge and as per the knowledge of unbiased theologians, the similarity between different religious scriptures point towards it's origin from single source. Islam & Quran affirms that statement in the verse,

    The Glorious Qur’an mentions in Surah Fatir, chapter 35 verse 24 ". . . And there never was a people, without a Warner having lived among them (in the past)." [Al-Qur’an 35:24]

    A similar message is repeated in Surah Rad, chapter 13 verse 7 ". . . and to every people a guide." [Al-Qur’an 13:7]

    Allah (swt) says in Surah Nisa, chapter 4 verse 164 "Of some messengers We have already told thee the story; of others we have not." [Al-Qur’an 4:164]

    A similar message is repeated in Surah Ghafir chapter 40 verse 78 "We did aforetime send messengers before thee: of them there are some whose story We have related to thee, and some whose story We have not related to thee. . ." [Al-Qur’an 40:78]

    According to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), there were more than 1,24,000 prophets sent to this world.

    But the contradictions, absurdities and myths in other scriptures clearly portrays the corruption within the scriptures, hence unreliable.

    Judaism, Christianity & Islam are not new religions, they are continuation of the same true religion. When one becomes corrupt, God replaces it with truth. And the last and final uncorrupted & uncorruptable truth is Islam.

    There is nothing new in the claims of Hinduism to be the oldest of the living religions. There were religions more ancient than Hinduism, civilizations ancient than Hindu. Religion did not start with Hinduism.


  8. Islam is the oldest religion
    Hinduism is not the oldest of all the religions. It is Islam which is the first and the oldest of all religions. People have a misconception that Islam is 1400 years old and that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the founder of this religion. Islam existed since time immemorial, ever since man first set foot on this earth. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was not the founder of Islam. He was the last and final Messenger of Almighty God.

    The oldest religion need not be the purest and the most authentic religion
    A religion cannot be claimed to be most pure and authentic, only on the criterion that it is the oldest. It is similar to a person saying that the water he has kept in an open glass, in his house, outside the refrigerator, for three months is purer than the water which has just been collected in a clean glass, immediately after it has been purified.

    The latest religion need not be the purest and the most authentic religion
    On the other hand a religion cannot be claimed to be the purest or authentic, only on the criterion that the religion is new or the latest. A bottle of distilled water which is sealed, packed and kept in the refrigerator for three months is much purer than a bottle of water freshly collected from the sea.

    For religion to be pure and authentic, it should not have interpolations, changes and revisions in its scriptures revealed from God
    For any religion to be pure and authentic, its scriptures should not contain any interpolation, addition, deletion or revision. Moreover the religion’s source of inspiration and direction should be Almighty God. The Qur’an is the only religious scripture on the face of the earth which has been maintained it its original form. All the other religious scriptures, of all the other religions have interpolations, additions, deletions or revisions. The Qur’an has been in the memory of a multitude of people, intact in its original form ever since its revelation, and now there are hundreds of thousands of people who have preserved it in their memory. Moreover, if you compare the copies made by Caliph Uthman from the original Qur’an which is yet present in the museum in Tashkent and in Koptaki museum in Turkey, they are the same as the ones we possess today.

    Allah (swt) promises in the Qur’an, in Surah Al Hijr, chapter 15 verse 9

    "We have, without doubt, sent down the Message; and We will assuredly guard it (from corruption)."

    The oldest religion need not be best religion


    1. In the above comment, you are trying a lot to convince people that oldest religion need not be best and blah blah blah...You used this sentence almost 100 times to convince oldest religion must not be pure and authentic...and then I read the first and the last sentence of your comment.

    2. @Imran Kahn : I see no repudiation of the Hindu claim about Kaaba in the 3 long post of yours. Instead I only see repeated assertion that Islam is oldest religion. You may claim that abrahamic religion starting with Adam and Eve is oldest. But the counter-claim is Adam and Eve is derived from Adama(Son of Vishnu Kardama) and Havyavathi, The serpent is Kali Purusha and the tree is Kalpa vriksham. Their descendants are Mleechas (Jews, Christians and Muslims). These claims have not been satisfactorily rebutted either.

    3. You claim Islam is the oldest and at the end you said the oldest need not be the best. You are confuse?d or trying to confuse others. If you believe in Islam being the oldest than what makes you think that Hindus claim is as the oldest is not? Why is that Muslims believe is always right from their view and others is always not right? Dont you think this doesnt make sense?

  9. @john matrix: For details on why non muslims are not allowed in Mecca please read my post "Entry of Non-Muslims in Mecca V/s Entry of Non-Hindus in Temples! "



  10. Mr. Imran Khan. God is for all ( Living matters and Non matters) Its beyond your imagination. God does not require prayers from any body. all you are reading and comparing is man made. Do good deeds be a good man, when you have born as a man. Ok

  11. mr. imran why hindus or others are not allowed in makkah/ kabah...??? can u answer..???

  12. What Hinduism tell about other religion :

    "mattah parataram nanyat
    kincid asti dhananjaya
    mayi sarvam idam protam
    sutre mani-gana iva" (Bhagwat Gita: Chapter Seven verse 7)

    Meaning : there is nothing else besides Me in this world. Like clusters of yarn-beads formed by knots on a thread, Everything is threaded on me.

    ekam sat viprah bahudha vadanti (Rig Veda 1.164.46).

    Meaning : Truth is one; sages call it in various names

    Why do we want to quarrel ? Let us love and respect each other and each others path.
    Each religion is like a beads and he is thread running in those beads. We are different and same

  13. How does it matter just enjoy your hard earned meal and go to sleep.

  14. www.sanskritimagazine.com/history/vedic-past-pre-islamic-arabia-influence/

    1. Muslims bow down to Kaba. Hindus bow before idols.
    2. Muslims claim to remember Allah while they bow to Kaba. Hindus claim to remember Eeshvar while bowing before idol.
    3. Muslims circumambulate and kiss the Kaba. Hindus do Aarti before idol and fold their hands.
    1. Muslims bow Kaba five times a day whereas most of the Hindus hardly bow to idols once a week.
    2. Muslims don’t have liberty of choosing their direction of bowing whereas Hindus can face whichever direction they want by choosing appropriate direction of idol.
    3. Hindus throw their idols after they perform their rituals especially on some occasions but no Muslims can ever think of doing so with the stone of Kaba.
    4. Hindus fold their hands before idol just to give respect to God but Muslims kiss the black stone because Muhammad did so.