Kaaba Is Not A Hindu Temple

Kaaba Is Not A Hindu Temple

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Did Brahma Built The Kaaba Then ?

Atharva Veda X, 2, Mantra 32

Men deep in lore of Brahma know that Animated Being which, Dwells in the golden treasure-chest that hath three spokes and three supports.


An Analysis of Hindu account ( various Vedas ) reveals solid evidences of faith lineage between Islam & Hinduism :

8 Areas Of Similarities between Hindu and Islam in Brahma:

 1- The Meaning of Hindhu

Hinduism is not a religion, but a set of ‘pure beliefs, rites, ceremonies, customs, noble
traditions and cultures’, which have evolved over a period of time in the valley of river
Sindh. In Arabic Language, we can find one word represent the one who adopt ‘pure
beliefs, rites, ceremonies, customs, noble traditions and cultures’ called ‘Hanif’. In
Quran, ‘Hanif’ is known as the beliefs of Prophet Abraham.

2- Brahma is Abraham

That ‘Brahma’ is actually ‘Abrahim’, where initial letter ‘A’ in ‘A’brahim is moved to
the end making it Brahm’a’. This analysis is accurate when one writes the two words in
Arabic script, a language close to that spoken by Prophet Abrahim. Many historians and
researchers such as Suzanne Olsson (Suzanne Olsson Website) approved that Brahma is actually Abraham in Bible and Ibrahim in Quran.(It is according to human traditional of the past, grand prophets were extremely praised to the extend ‘same level with God’ or to relate them as families of God – Holy Quran)

3- The two sons of Brahma

The two sons of Brahma are :

1-Prophet Ismail in Alquran ( Ishmael in Bible )- Atharva in Veda
2-Prophet Ishaq in Alquran ( Isaac in Bible ) - Angira in Veda.

4- Wife of Brahma

Brahma’s wife is called ‘Saraswati’ in Veda or ‘Siti Sarah’ from Islamic historical

5- The ‘Rig Veda’

The Rig Veda is known as one of Abrahim Suhuf ( revelations phamplets/ sheets ) because it contains events of the Babylonian and Egyptian kings and their wars. This coincide Islamic history of Abrahim facing Namrud ( Nebuchadnezar ) ,a king of Babylon.(ref : 1935 Dr Pran Nath-Times of India)

6- The Biggest Flood On Earth

Veda did mentioned a prophet name ‘Manuh’ during the biggest flood on earth which is
Prophet Nuh or Noah in Quranic and biblical account.

7- The Ka’bah in Veda :

Atharva Veda X, 2, Mantras 28 and 31

28. Whether it is built high, its walls are in a straight line or not, but God is seen in
every corner of it. He who knows the House of God, knows it because God is
remembered there.

31. This abode of the angels has eight circuits and nine gates. It is unconquerable, there
is eternal life in it and it is resplendent with Divine light.

Atharva Veda X, 2, Mantra 33

Brahma (Abraham) stayed in this abode which is illumined by heavenly light and
covered with Divine blessings. It is the place that gives (spiritual) life to the people and is

 The Kabah is not exactly cubical and its sides are not of the same length. The Holy Sanctuary (Haram) of which Ka'abah is at the center remains open day and night throughout the year and it is always filled with people praying and supplicating to Allah (the One True God). Muslims face toward it during prayer forming circle in the Haram (Holy House) and the circle extends out in this manner throughout the planet Earth. The holy sanctuary (Haram) has remained unconquerable. Abraha al-Ashram, the Abbysinian viceroy of Yemen, tried to demolish it in 570 CE with a strong army and hordes of Elephants. By Allah's Command, the 'Abaabeel' (flying creatures, birds) pelted stones at Abraha's army and decimated it, leaving them like green crops devoured by cattle. This incident is described in the Surah 105 of the Qur'an. 


P N Oak writes that;

One Koranic verse is an exact translation of a stanza in the Yajurveda. This was pointed out by the great research scholar Pandit Satavlekar of Pardi in one of his articles.

[Note: Another scholar points out that the following teaching from the Koran is exactly similar to the teaching of the Kena Upanishad (1.7).

The Koran:

"Sight perceives Him not. But He perceives men's sights; for He is the knower of secrets, the Aware."

Kena Upanishad:

"That which cannot be seen by the eye but through which the eye itself sees, know That to be Brahman (God) and not what people worship here (in the manifested world)."

A simplified meaning of both the above verses reads:

God is one and that He is beyond man's sensory experience.

Rebuttal: How many Hindus follow the above teachings of the Upanishad ? Whereas most of the Muslims believe, worship and have faith in  Allah swt as without a form. That can be seen in each and every Mosque around the world!

If there are two similar things in two different religions, that does not mean that one has been copied or plagiarized from other! It may mean that both had a same Creator. That's why Allah swt states in the Qur'an that;

                                                                                          (Holy Qur’an 3:64)
         “PEOPLE OF THE BOOK”  is the respectful title given to the Jews, Christians and Hindus* in the Holy Qur’an. The Muslim is here commanded to invite—“O People of the Book!”—O Learned people! O People who claim to be the recipients of Divine Revelation, of a Holy Scripture; let us gather together onto a common platform—“that we worship none but God”,  because none but God is worthy of worship. Because He is our Lord and Cherisher, our Sustainer and Evolver, worthy of all praise, prayer and devotion.

            In the abstract the Jews, Christians and Hindus* would agree to all the three propositions contained in this Qur’anic verse. In practice they fail. Apart from doctrinal lapses from the unity of the One True God, there is the question of a consecrated priesthood, as if a mere human being—Cohen, or Pope, or Priest, or Brahman,-- could claim superiority apart from his learning and the purity of his life, or could stand between man and God in some special sense.  ISLAM DOES NOT RECOGNISE PRIESTHOOD!

                    In the view of Islam ALL Religion is ONE, for the Truth is One. IT WAS THE SAME RELIGION PREACHED BY ALL THE EARLIER PROPHETS. (Holy Qur’an 42:13). It was the Truth taught by all the Inspired Books.  IF ANYONE WANTS A RELIGION OTHER THAN THAT, HE IS FALSE TO HIS OWN NATURE, AS HE IS FALSE TO GOD’S WILL AND PLAN.  Such a one cannot expect guidance, for he has deliberately renounced guidance.
{*àCan also be applied to.}

 8- Description Of God Himself

Yajur Veda chapter 31, Rig Veda Mandal 10 sukta 129, Atharva Veda 8/11/3-6 & Saam Veda 617 say that the knowledge of four Vedas is direct from God.

According to four Vedas God is mentioned as SWAYAMBHUHU -- SWAYAM means self and BHUHU means powers which means power of God is due to His own power.

God has unlimited qualities.

Yajur Veda mantra 40/8 says ‘ God is everywhere, He has no shape’.

Upanishads says 'TAD SRISHTA TADNU PRAVISHT' means God created Universe & entered therein. All the four Vedas say about the God, in Yajur Veda chapter 32/3 "The Formless Supreme Spirit that pervades the universe can have no material representation, likeness or image." In Rig Veda Mandal 10 sukta 129 " God creates but nobody create God" and Rig Veda 5:1:81 says "Verily, great is the glory of the divine creator" and
Atharva Veda 20:58:3 says " God is verily great" 

In Sanskrit Brahma means "The Creator" translated into Arabic means "Khaaliq" and Creator in English.
According to Quran (15:86) "Your Lord is the Creator, the knower" and in (6:10) " HE is the Creator of the heaven and earth." So, Worship of one God alone is mentioned in Veda for example Rigveda 8:1:1 "O friends, do not worship anybody but Him, the Divine One. Praise Him alone".

[Bhagavad Gita 9:18-19]: "I am the goal of life, the LORD and support of all, the inner witness, the abode of all. I am the only refuge, the ONE true friend; I am the beginning, the staying, and the end of creation; I am the womb and the eternal seed. I am heat; I give and withhold the rain. I am immortality and I am death; I am what is and what is not"

[Rigveda 8:1:1]: " O friends, do not worship ANYBODY but Him, the Divine One.
Praise Him ALONE."

[Chandogya Upanishad 6:2:1]: "He is ONE ONLY without a second."

[Brahma Sutra]: "There is only ONE God, not the second; not at all, not at all, not in the
least bit."

[Svetasvatara Upanishad 4:19]: "There is no likeness of Him."

[Svetasvatara Upanishad 4:20]: "His form is not to be seen; no one sees Him with the eye."

[Kena Upanishad]: "That which cannot be seen by the eyes, but by which the eyes see,

[Yajur Veda 32:3.]: "The Formless Supreme Spirit that pervades the universe can have no material representation, likeness or image."

[Yajurveda 40:8]: "He is bodiless and pure."

[Svetasvatara Upanishad 6:9]: "Of Him there are neither parents nor lord."

(Yajur Veda 40:9.): "They are enveloped in darkness, in other words, are steeped in ignorance and sunk in the greatest depths of misery who worship the uncreated, eternal prakrti -- the material cause of the world -- in place of the All-pervading God, but those who worship visible things born of the prakrti, such as the earth, trees, bodies (human and the like) in place of God are enveloped in still greater darkness, in other words, they are extremely foolish, fall into an awful hell of pain and sorrow, and suffer terribly for a long

[Bhagavad Gita 7:20]: "Those whose intelligence has been stolen by material desires surrender unto demigods and follow the particular rules and regulations of worship according to their own natures."

[Rig Veda Mandal 10 sukta 129]: "God creates but nobody create God."

[Atharva Veda 20:58:3]: "God is verily great"

In short, the knowledge of the Vedas have been stopped to be listened during the last five thousand years, that is why, the worship of only one God is not being done. During the materialistic period this traditional task has been ear marked tough by mostly saints & public under the influence of so-called saints.

For-example Tulsi says in Ramayan "DWIJ SHRUTI BECHAK" i.e., present Gurus have sold Vedas means they never study Vedas & do know nothing about Vedas. In the next saying "SHRUTI BIRODH RAT SAB NAR NARI" means man, woman & their children have taken bold steps against the Vedas. Up to the time of Mahabharta there was no temple. Thereafter, the knowledge of Vedas decreased & between two to three thousands years the temple has been made.

The books (Mahabharta & Bhagwat Geeta etc) came after the Vedas have been described and explained on the basis of sects or self made views of present so called saints, whereas the Vedas were written by ancient Rishis. After MAHABHARAT war the knowledge of Vedas did minimize and almost came to an end, and therefore, so many sects and way of worship came in existence.

Murti or ‘Idol worship’ was added by Pundits & Brahmins. Now, it is for Hindu scholar's to think, as to where they stand. So, the reason of the temples and murti is only due to the decrease and little knowledge of Vedas, for the last about three thousands years, because before this period there was no temple. Temple provision is only in the sects made by Pundits and not in the Vedas. So when there was the knowledge of Vedas, only one God was worshiped. This is how religion given in the Vedas changed or converted into Hinduism by the Pundits, Brahmins and so called saints.

Hindu Scriptures prove that Hindus were foretold about the worship of one God and were also foretold about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in their Holy Scriptures. But, they denied their Holy Scriptures and invented their own rules and regulations in the religion, and changed their religion according to their own materialistic and vain desires and made idols (images) of gods and their Avtars Ram & Karishana etc, and worshipped them as God. This is, how true religions of Vedas converted in to man-made religion (Hinduism).

With the above facts references from the Vedas & other Hindu Scriptures, it is possible that, Hindu Pundits and Brahmins might have changed the true concepts given in the Vedas into Hinduism as Christians have changed the true religion (Islam) of Jesus (PBUH) into Christianity.

The thing which is needed to do is that, Muslim scholars should take steps to preach the Hindus not only with the reference of Holy Quran but, with the fact references from their own Hindu Scriptures. According to whom worship of one God is allowed, so they should discard idol and murti worship and worship only one God according to their Scriptures. Secondly, the Kalki Avtar (Coming Prophet) which has been mentioned by name "Muhammad" & "Ahmed" in their Scriptures and all the indications about his Prophet hood mentioned in their Scriptures have been gone through and completed 1,400 years before, with the advent of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the religious law (The Quran) has been revealed on him. So, now it is the religious duty of each Hindu to accept Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as their last Avtar (Prophet), and the Quran as their last revealed Scripture and embrace ISLAM the religion of their last Avtar (Prophet) which has been chosen, perfected and authorized by his one God and become Muslim. Because according to Holy Quran:-

* "This day I have perfected your religion for you and completed my favor to you. I have approved Islam to be your religion ..." (5.3).

* "Allah has chosen for you the religion. Do not die except being Submissive (Muslim) (2.132)

* "It is HE who has been sent His Messenger with guidance the religion of truth (Islam), so that exalts it above all other religions. Allah is the sufficient witness" (48:28)

* "The only religion with Allah is Islam (submission) (3:19)

* "He who chooses a religion other than Islam, it will not be accepted from him and in the everlasting life he will be among the losers" (3:85) 

So, Islam is the only religion chosen and approved by God and Islam supersedes and suppress all the other religions, because no other religion will be accepted except Islam. So for all Hindus who are reading this use your wisdom & intellect and courage, to search for the truth and then finally accept it, free of emotional beliefs and traditions. After these facts mentioned, there should be no doubt in a hindu's mind in relation to the true religion of God, which is Islam.




  1. I pity you....you should first learn to respect other religions ...then talk about your own religion......which is the latest one.......politeness and hunger to know the truth is missing from your writing....may god bless you

  2. @ A Priori Of My Life! : What exactly do you mean by the term "Respect" brother? What other religions are you talking about? If God is One, how can there be different religions? Can you show me any disrespect in any of my posts ? To know the meaning of the term Respect, you need to compare my writings with your coreligionists writings on other religions, then you will know the reality.

    Can you show me a single proof that your religion is the oldest one ? That's your misconception. Islam is on earth since time immemorial, the Qur'an speaks about prophets who believed and practiced Islam, who lived thousands of years before Prophet Muhammad.

    I dont like to speak much about myself, yet as you have raised the topic, let me answer. I am a Muslim, a Daiee (Preacher), and a student of science, theology and comparative religion. I am studying comparative religion since year 2001. If I did not had the zeal, the hunger to know the truth, I would not have wasted my teenage years studying religions, when your coreligionists would be busy with cigerrates, alcohol and girlfriends.

    Peace be on you.

    1. You said that our coreligionists are busy with cigarettes, alcohol & girl-friends. But they are somewhat better than your coreligionists who are causing destruction all over the world in the name of your religion.
      You are throwing stones at others when you yourself live in a glass-house.

  3. my dear friends according to me there is no religion it is the great thought of our intelligent mind. if religions are different then all religion's followers are same. why can you tell me? if you want to discus about this matter, you can contact me at:- (suryamani5564@yahoo.in)

  4. @ surypurnima:

    In reality there is only ONE religion as GOD is also only ONE.Those who claim to follow other religions other than the True one are only claimants. Their claims are based on hollow claims, that are neither supported by their scriptures nor Reason. If u want do discuss this matter, then u can visit same page on facebook and discuss with me, any time 24/7/365.


  5. if islam dosent aproove preisthood,then what are the imams doing in the mosks?
    isnt imams the islams guids and teachers?
    as the preists are for the cristians.
    and the rabbis for the jews !

  6. @john matrix: Let me first explain the dictionary meaning of the term "priest".

    Definition of PRIEST
    : one authorized to perform the sacred rites of a religion especially as a mediatory agent between humans and God; specifically : an Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, or Roman Catholic clergyman ranking below a bishop and above a deacon

    So what I meant was a "mediatory agent between humans and god". And the Imam of any Mosque in the world including the Imam of Masjid-e-Harm in Mecca is not a mediator between Muslims and God. They are just meant to lead prayer in congregation and anyone who is well versed in Qur'an can be a Imam. If I know how to pray, I can do Imamat and lead a congregation of prayers. Every individual Muslim including Imam is answerable only to God and none else. In Christianity, people confess in confession boxes to priests, In Hinduism Priests act as mediators between Humans and God, that is not there in Islam. And of course Imams are guides, teachers etc. But not mediators.



  8. They talk about Muhammad being mentioned in the Hinduic scripts. Even few logics are also presented. But the thing is they know not Hinduism in deep.

    Do you know why a horse has its one leg in the air while its three legs in the ground? ...
    I bet no one does... The four legs of the horse represents the four Vedas (Rig, Sam, Yajur and Atharva Vedas).
    Here's the truth ... Ved Vyas was only the knower of Rig Veda, Sam Veda and Yajur Veda except for the Atharva Veda.
    Atharva Veda was never explained by anyone... I mean none, not even Vyas! So, one of the few tasks of Kalki becomes - to explain the knowledge of Atharva Veda (symbollically - the fourth leg of Kalki's horse).

    I'm saying this because Prophet Muhammad had never ever explained the knowledge Atharva Ved in the Mecca, or did he? Please, ask this question to those who claim that Prophet Muhammad to be Kalki.

    But why are the leaders presenting "Muhammad" as "Kalki"? ... You know Why? ... cuz they don't know who Kalki is ... It is just their hunch! ... Yeah, few similarities are presented but I think that isn't fully sufficient to prove that Muhammad is Kalki.

    But on the other hand, (according to my perspective, the perspective that I had developed on my own from the wisdom of Mahamati Prannath), Rasul Muhammad is partially Kalki (in one way)!!! ... Do you wanna know why? ... Then, please read Alif Lam Mim. Alif Lam Mim is
    the Kalki of Hindus!!! And not even the Hindus or the Muslims ever knew of this fact!!!
    Rasul Muhammad's spirit was also present in Kalki (or Mahamati Prannath)!!

    And Mahamati Prannath is Kalki because he had explained the Atharva Veda in its original sense!!! Thus, by explaining Atharva Veda, Mahamati Prannath (the Kalki) has ridden his horse!

    Also download the biography of Mahamati Prannath by clicking here, and read it for yourself if you don't believe me a bit!!!

  9. Dear writer,
    my fellow universe dweller, kindly don't fall into your own trap; by explaining all this you have yourself explained the pitfalls of all the prophets & people involved inspreaadin religion; The almighty may it be Shiva or Allah or God or Brahma or Abraham may have wanted us to worship one God alone and remain focused in our worship but never said that we have to change religions to do so. We have recieved God's message; point taken but don't force your religion down our throat by as Islam is one of the most violent religions and we don't see much peace in it. The prophet Muhammed himself does not have the aura which somebody like Christ has. So, I request you to take the message back to your fellow followers to stop bloodshed and stop being fanatic and instead concentrate on the one God who asks you to follow him,,,; also stop this craze for swarg, /jannat after death. Be a part of creating the paradise hear on earth by peaceful means; also stop your leaders from cashing on your so called minority status & in stead preach this topic for untiy; let your women folk also go ahead in life; take care; we are not the khafirs; please redefine it. I am so happy I can pray to my God with more faith coz I know he now everywhere in some form or other!