Kaaba Is Not A Hindu Temple

Kaaba Is Not A Hindu Temple

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Exposing the reality of "King Vikramaditya"

Who is King Vikramaditya ? 

A Comic Hero.
Vikramaditya (Sanskrit: विक्रमादित्य) (102 BCE to 15 CE) was a legendary emperor of Ujjain, India, famed for his wisdom, valour and magnanimity. The title "Vikramaditya" was later assumed by many other kings in Indian history, notably the Gupta King Chandragupta II and Samrat Hem Chandra Vikramaditya (popularly known as 'Hemu'). 

The legendary Vikramaditya is a popular figure in both Sanskrit and regional languages in India. His name is conveniently associated with any event or monument whose historical details are unknown, though a whole cycles of tales have grown around him. The two most famous ones in Sanskrit are Vetala Panchvimshati or ' ("The 25 (tales) of the Vampire") and Simhasana-Dwatrimshika ("The 32 (tales) of the throne"). These two are found in varying versions in Sanskrit and also in the regional languages.

The tales of the vampire (Vetala) tell twenty-five stories in which the king tries to capture and hold on to a vampire that tells a puzzling tale and ends it with a question for the king. In fact, earlier the king was approached by a Sadhu to bring the vampire to him but without uttering a word, otherwise the vampire would fly back to its place. The king can be quiet only if he does not know the answer, else his head would burst open. Unfortunately, the king discovers that he knows the answer to every question; therefore the cycle of catching the vampire and letting it escape continues for twenty-four times till the last question puzzles Vikramaditya. A version of these tales can be found embedded in the Katha-Saritsagara.

The name Vikramaditya--Sun of Valour--is probably not a proper name, but a title like Pharaoh or Tsar. No doubt Kalidasa intended to pay a tribute to his patron, the Sun of Valour, in the very title of his play, Urvashi won by Valour.



Whoever may not have heard of the "Vikram-Betal" stories, the fascinating tales about the great King Vikramaditya and Betal, the vampire? Was he a real king or was he only a legendary, imaginary figure? If anything gets my goat, it is the seamless intertwining of the two, the truth and fiction. Let us take this guy under our microscope. After all, very few human beings are known as creators of eras named after them! We all know about Vikram Samvat

Somewhere in wikipedia, you find the date of King Vikramaditya as 102 BC to 15 AD, but in the same sentence it is mentioned that he was a legendary emperor of Ujjain, India, known for his wisdom, valour and magnanimity! Where does history end and legend start? I am flummoxed!

However, the Vikram Era that starts from 56 BC is not legend but is historical, and is real even today. That year marks the defeat of the invading Sakas (powerful Central Asian Tribes) by King Vikramaditya when Ujjain was invaded. The Vikram Samvat calendar is popular in Northern India and in Western India. It is a lunar calendar and the year starts with the day after the new moon in Chaitra. While the Government of India has adopted the Saka Calendar (starting 78 AD) for official purposes, the Government of Nepal has been officially following the Vikram Samvat, which they call Bikram Samvat. One must remember that the Saka Era (starting 78 AD) is a misnomer in a sense since really speaking it also celebrates the defeat of Sakas, at the hands of the Satavahana King Shalivahana in the year 78 AD. The Saka era is also called Shalivahana era.

The Saka people (also called Scythians) of Central Asia did however settle down in North India from 2nd century BC to 4th century AD, and they gave rise to Indo-Scythians. Sakas occupied and ruled Western India too and the rulers were called Western Satraps. Large sections of the Rajasthanis (kshatriyas) are descendants of the Sakas. There is an amazing combination of foreign blood in the Hindus. Similarly, sections of Rajasthanis and Gujaratis are also considered the descendants of the fierce, formidable and cruel Huna tribe (also called the Huns) of Central Asia which over-ran and ruled North India, under their leader Toramana and later his son Mihirakula in the 5th and 6th centuries AD. The two father and son Hun rulers were cruel to the subjects and particularly destroyed Buddhist cities, monuments etc. Mihirakula became a Hindu towards the end of his life.


Coming back to the ancient King Vikramaditya, we find accounts about him in “Katha-Sarit-Sagara” (meaning Ocean of Tales) written in Sanskrit by a Kashmiri Pundit called Soma Deva Bhatta in the middle of the 12th century AD. Soma Deva wrote it for the entertainment of Queen Suryamati, wife of King Anantdeva of Kashmir. It is said that it consisted of 350 stories in 18 books, 124 chapters, 21000 verses and prose too! This is the biggest compilation of Indian tales ever.

Accounts and stories about King Vikramaditya that are found in the Katha-Sarit-Sagara were written 1200 years after his time, and the problem will be one of what is history and truth and what is fiction and legend. There sure must be some admixture of both! The 25 stories of Vikram-Betal form part of the work, as also accounts of Vikramaditya’s life.


As per Katha-Sarit-Sagara, Vikramaditya was the son of King Mahendraditya of the Paramara Dynasty. However, the Paramara (also known as Pawar) Dynasty came into being around 800 AD only, founded by Upendra. The most significant Paramara Ruler was Bhoja I and the capital city was Dharanagara (present Dhar). Thus, the Ocean seems to be off the mark. However, the Betal story in the Katha-Sarit-Sagara does go with the original Vikramaditya of the first century BC!


“Bhavishya Purana” in verse form has a lot to say about the life of Vikramaditya. It is one of the major 18 Puranas and is said to have been written by Vyasa several centuries before Christ. The work literally means “History of the Future”. The Purana starts with the greatness of Shiva, Vishnu, Surya etc. It has uncannily predicted, believe it or not, the following – Jesus Christ, Muhammad, fall of Sanskrit, Chandragupta, Ashoka, Chaitanya, Akbar, Jaichandra, British Rule, Hitler etc. The events are written as having already taken place.

The following account owes itself to the "Bhavishya Purana" as for Vikramaditya, whom we may call Vikram here for brevity. Vikram’s father was Gandharvasena, son of Lord Indra. Are we not into myths here? Once, while Apsara Mohini was on her way to meet Siva on Mount Kailasa, Gandharvasena (Vikram’s father) happened to obstruct her way. Enraged at this, Lord Indra cursed him (his own son Gandharvasena) and turned him into a donkey with certain riders. We may omit portions regarding the donkey becoming a human again. Vikram was only 5 years old when he entered a penance for 12 years. He was bestowed with extraordinary power and insights. His elder brother Bhartuhari renounced his throne and the kingdom came to Vikram. King Vikram was known for justice, sagacity, wisdom, valour, charity and generosity.

I will not go into any aspect of the twenty five Vikram-Betal stories known as “Vetala Panchavimshati” which are fascinating to say the least. Some years ago, Doordarshan telecast the stories in a serial. I shall try to attempt a separate blog about the stories. There are also 32 stories relating to Vikramaditya Simhasan (throne) and they are called “Simhasana Dwatrimshika”. King Shalivahana of Paithan after whom Saka era is named, is said to be Vikram’s grandson.


Of late, an excitement has been aroused among the people with the alleged discovery of King Vikram’s inscription inside the Kaaba at Mecca. It is alleged that there is a Shiva lingam inside the Kaaba. Thus, Arabia came under the vast extent of King Vikram’s empire. Prophet Mohammad, it is said, took the crescent moon emblem for Islam from Shiva’s adornment. There are quite a few articles in the Net on this subject. However, the Net is hardly the place where you get to really read scientific or highly scholarly papers. I am personally unable to judge the authenticity of all the claims about Kaaba. The readers may throw light on this giving links.


The title “Vikramaditya” was adopted by some well-known kings of India in later times. Notable examples are the Gupta King Chandragupta the second Vikramaditya and Samrat Hem Chandra Vikramaditya (also known as Hemu). The former, the great Gupta King, who was the son of Samudragupta, and who ruled from 375 to 413 AD, defeated the last king Rudrasimha III of the Shaka Satrap Dynasty in Gujerat and annexed that kingdom to his vast territory. Hemu (1501-56), the son of a Brahmin priest, became a trusted Army Chief and Prime Minister under the Suri Dynasty (Afghans). The Afghans (Suris) and Mughals (Babar and Humayun) were at loggerheads for the Delhi Throne. Hemu benefited by this and took the Delhi throne in 1556 for a short time and ruled as a Hindu Emperor after 350 years of rule by Muslims.   


As far as Vikramaditya was concerned, the fiction part could be that he was Lord Indra's grandson and that his father was turned into a horse for some time. Also, despite the loveliness of the Betal tales, the Betal communicating with Vikram is certainly an impossibility.

 I took out my copy of "An Advanced History of India" by RC Majumdar and two others. It is a standard and advanced textbook used by History PG students. This is what the book says (at p.112, 4th edition):

"Some scholars attribute to Azes I the foundation of that reckoning commencing 58 BC which afterwards came to be known as Vikrama samvat., but the matter cannot be regarded as certain.Indian tradition ascribes to it an Indian origin. It (tradition) was handed down by the Malava tribe, and in the post-Gupta period came to be associated with the great Vikramaditya, the destroyer of the Sakas".

For me the above skeletal passage is so disappointing! (Azes was a foreigner and how can Azes establish a Vikram era????)

So, Majumdar has totally neglected King Vikramaditya of the first century BC! He talks about indigenous origin, since Azes was a foreigner. This is the poor way our history is written!

Then I took out my copy of the "Oxford History of India" by Vincent Smith. On p.167 (4th edition), Smith says;

" Later in life, he (Chandragupta II ) took the additional title Vikramaditya ("Sun of Prowess'), which is associated by tradition with the Raja of Ujjain who is believed to have defeated the Sakas and established the Vikrama era in 58-57 BC. It is possible that such a Raja may really have existed, although the tradition has not been verified by the discovery of inscriptions, coins or monuments".

I find Smith to be vastly better than Majumdar!

Is Kutub Minar (in Delhi) king Vikramadiya’s tower commemorating his conquest of Arabia.???

Kutub Minar did not EXIST at the time of Vikramiditya!

The Qutb Minar (also spelled Qutab or Qutub, Urdu: قطب منار), a tower in Delhi, India, is at 72.5 meters the world's tallest brick minaret. Construction commenced in 1193 under the orders of India's first Muslim ruler Qutb-ud-din Aibak, and the topmost storey of the minaret was completed in 1386 by Firuz Shah Tughluq. The complex is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Delhi, and was also India's most visited monument in 2006, as it attracted 3.9 million visitors, even more than the Taj Mahal, which drew about 2.5 million visitors more than the MAHA KUMBH mela.

If Kutub Minar was a Hindu atrominical tower as Oak claimed what about, the other towers present in undivided India ??? 

Inspired by the Minaret of Jam in Afghanistan and wishing to surpass it, Qutbuddin Aibak, the first Muslim ruler of Delhi, commenced construction of the QutbMinar in 1193, but could only complete its base. His successor, Iltutmish, added three more stories and, in 1386, Firuz Shah Tughluq constructed the fifth and the last story. The development of architectural styles from Aibak to Tughluq is quite evident in the minaret. Like earlier towers erected by the Ghaznavids and Ghurids in Afghanistan, the Qutb Minar comprises several superposed flanged and cylindrical shafts, separated by balconies carried on Muqarnas corbels. 

The purpose for building this monument has been variously speculated upon. It could take the usual role of a minaret, calling people for prayer in the Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque, the earliest extant mosque built by the Delhi Sultans. Other possibilities are a tower of victory, a monument signifying the might of
Islam, or a watch tower for defense.

 Oak says: Firstly, the inscription on the iron pillar near the so-called Kutub Minar refers to the marriage of the victorious king Vikramaditya to the princess of Balhika. This Balhika is none other than the Balkh region in West Asia. It could be that Arabia was wrestled by king Vikramaditya from the ruler of Balkh who concluded a treaty by giving his daughter in marriage to the victor.

BUT Balhika/ bahlika has nothing to do with either King Vikramaditya or Kutub Minar, it predates both. Bahlika finds mention in Atharvaveda, Mahabharata, Ramayana, Puranas, Vartikka of Katyayana, Brhatsamhita, Amarkosha etc and in the ancient Inscriptions. The inhabitants of Bahlika were known as the Bahlikas. The other variations of Bahlika are Bahli, Balhika, Vahlika, Valhika, Bahlava, Bahlam/Bahlim, Bahlayana and Bahluva etc.

According to the Puranic traditions, Dhrshta was one of the nine sons of Manu. From him came a number of clans called Dharshtakas who were reckoned as Kshatriyas. According to Shiva Purana the Dharshtaka princes became rulers of Bahlika.

Satapatha Brahmana knows of a king named Bahlika Pratipeya whom it calls Kauravya (=Kaurava) . It has been pointed out that this Kaurava king is identical with Bahlika Pratipeya of Mahabharata.
According to Mahabharata evidence, the king of Bahlika was present at Syamantapanchaka at Kurukshetra on the occasion of a solar eclipse. Also the name 'Bahlika Desa' originates from the name of the middle son of King Pratipa of Hastinapura, Bahlika, who devoted his life to conquer these old Aryan territories in the Uttarapatha. Hence, being the elder to King Santanu, Bahlika was the paternal uncle of Bhishma and pre-dates him.

The King of Bahlika presented to Yudhishtra a golden chariot yoked with four white Kamboja studs at the time of Rajsuya ceremony (2.53.5).

OAK says; Secondly, the township adjoining the so called Kutub Minar is named Mehrauli after Mihira who was the renowned astronomer-mathematician of king Vikram’s court. Mehrauli is the corrupt form of Sanskrit ‘Mihira-Awali’ signifying a row of houses raised for Mihira and his helpers and assistants working on astronomical observations made from the tower.

Mehrauli, Which was earlier known as Mihirawali means Home of Mihir, was founded by the King Mihir Bhoja of the Gurjara-Pratihara Dynasty. Mehrauli is one of the seven ancient cities that make up the present state of Delhi. The Lal Kot fort was constructed by the Gurjar Tanwar chief Anangpal I around AD 731 and expanded by AnangPal II in the 11th century, who shifted his capital to Lal Kot from Kannauj. The Gurjar Tanwars were defeated by the Chauhans in the 12th century. Prithviraj Chauhan further expanded the fort and called it Qila Rai Pithora. He was defeated in 1192 by Mohammed Ghori, who put his general Qutb-ud-din Aybak in charge and returned to Afghanistan. Mehrauli remained the capital of the Kanas dynasty which ruled until 1290. During the Khilji dynasty, the capital shifted to Siri.

I Challenge to show me a single proof from any authentic and proved historical database the existence of an Vikramaditya's empire outside the Indian subcontinent as claimed by Mr P N Oak!




For those Interested in reading the fairy tales of Vikram and Betala here are the links :-




  1. Anyway, even budism is earlier than Islam. Or else did the Islamic rulers build the statues of Budha and other hindu artifacts uncovered in Islamic countires???

  2. hey,
    Great King Vikramaditya was the rular of old Arvasthan or Arabia, and it is fact,show me that he was not existed you fool

  3. http://www.israelforum.com/board/showthread.php?8743-Kaba-Was-A-Hindu-Temple-Evidence-In-Here

    page 315 saya-ul-okul ancient reasured in the Makhtab-e-Sultania library in Istanbul, Turkey

  4. It is also mentioned in scripture 'bhavishya puran' which foretells the future of India. Don't be panic man, God above is only one and he created only humans, it is only we people which creates different religions and given different names to almighty. Why are you so desperate to prove it, Hindu is an older religion than Islam, mecca was once hindu temple now a muslim what's bad in that. every religion have inter-connection, prophet mohammad feel god and decided to preach the techings of God in his own way and he created rules and made the Islam religion. If you ever come to read, 'Bible', 'Quran' or 'geeta' each have the same teachings. God is one and religion is just a way to know the almighty and live life in a civilized way.

  5. And there is nothing like Anti-Islamist in this, why are you thinking like this. It's just a matter of fact and our world's beautiful history.

  6. @Blog 118: Islam is not just the name of a religion originated in Arabia 1400 years ago. The Hadith mentions about existance of 124000 prophets all over the world since the first man set foot on earth (Adam = Who was the first prophet), and in the Quran we find the name of 25 prophets including Abraham, Moses and Jesus peace be upon them all. All of them preached the same truth. But with passage of time some people took their prophets as Gods destroying the message and teachings of prophets. Moses & Jesus Christ never claimed divinity, yet people call them god. Buddha never said anyone to worship him, yet many Buddhists worship Buddha as god. Islam is the same truth which affirms the teachings of all the prophets.

    There are many civilizations, artifacts that are being discovered today that was being foretold in Quran to have been destroyed due to the peoples disobedience and rejection of the Truth. You are free to check them out.


    1. Does your Hadith speak about any other messenger or prophet outside arabia? I mean india, china, americas?
      I am sure no cause people who wrote Hadith did not have knowledge outside that area. And see even though Hinduism is old but it given equal respect to any other religion because hindu believe god could have different name he is one but perhaps islam and muslim do not agree with this concept.

    2. Well explained Imran....
      Hats off...

      One small request...
      Please explain these facts to those Al-queda and ISIS members and enlighten them...

      Only a true muslim can take this responsibility.You have to stop all this massacre done in the name of your religion.
      Do you dare to do that???

  7. @truthforum:{hey,
    Great King Vikramaditya was the rular of old Arvasthan or Arabia, and it is fact,show me that he was not existed you fool}

    Great Vikramaditya was not even the ruler of whole of India forget any other part of the world. I have clearly shown that above in my article, try disproving it. And your tone indicates how much frustrated you are by the exposing of your false claims.


  8. @ satyendra dhariwal:

    {page 315 saya-ul-okul ancient reasured in the Makhtab-e-Sultania library in Istanbul, Turkey}

    There is no such thing as sayr-ul-okul neither there is a librery called Makhtab-e-sultania in turkey. Here is the proof,

    Exposing the reality of "‘Sayar-ul-Okul’" !


  9. @ satyendra dhariwal: I am a student of comparative religious studies and I have in my possession a 3 volume Bhavishya Purana translated into Hindi by Pandit Baburam Upadhya from Hindi Sahitya Sammelan. I know whats written in it! If you have read it you should know that it speaks of Arya Dharm (Religion of Truth) i.e Islam and Muslims.

    I have been patient past 10-12 years studying comparative religion and have been come to conclusion that God is only One. Different religions are named by people. For e.g Hinduism is derived from the word Hindu which in turn is derived from sindhu which is a river. Judiasm is derived from Judas a tribe. Christianity from Christ, Buddhism from Buddha, Zoroastrianism from Zoroaster so on and so forth. Islam means "Peace" It's not a religion, but a way of life. All the prophets preached the same truth i.e Islam.
    The name of almighty have also been the same, and is to be found in the scriptures of major religions of the world.

    I am not desperate to disprove hardcore facts, but I am here to disprove fictitious assumptions that have no root in History. Kaaba was originally existed before Abraham but was built by Abraham and Ishmael who were prophets and believers in strict monotheism. Later on Arab Pagans (not hindus) continued to believe Kaaba to be a Holy Structure, followed Abraham rituals but worshiped Idols by placing them in Kaaba. Prophet Muhammed purged the Kaaba from Idols and continued to follow the rituals of Abraham in Hajj which signify strict monotheism. So Kaaba never was a Hindu place of worship.

    I have studied Bible, Quran & Gita and though there are few similarities, there are vast differences. You can find often contradictory statements within Bible & Gita which points towards their corruption.

    God is one and His way of life is also one. Those who think otherwise are wrong themselves.


    1. So my dear, you mean Geeta and Bible are corrupt?? This show you are full of prejudice and biased. I tell you one thing if quraan was sucha perfect book then all muslim were living peacefully in harmony but the fact is muslims are mostly fighting with each other.(literate ones)



  11. And truth is that there was not any existance of ISLAM at that time and who built kaba?this truth can come out easily if you investigate the facts honestly.Truth is that you r worshiping female part of shivling from 1400 years.

    because Shiva is truth and shiva is beauty.

  12. @ Manish: If one has to speak without any base one may claim rule over the world. There is not a single iota of evidence that proves your comments.

    Islam existed on this earth since time immemorial, or since the time man set foot on earth. The Quran states about Adam who was first man and first prophet of Islam on earth. His name and story exists in Quran & Hadith. That itself is a SOLID proof that Islam did not start with Prophet Muhammad, but existed long time before Muhammad pbuh.

    As Jesus Christ said in the Bible that he had not come to bring any new law or religion but to fulfil and re establish the truth that was before him i.e Moses. Similarly, Quran is the fulfilment of previous laws and the same truth. It is the last and final revelation that completes the deen of Islam.

    Prophet Abraham & Ishmael to whom the construction of kaaba is attributed were prophets of Islam whose names and story are mentioned in Quran & Hadith.

    I have selflessly investigated the truth and this blog is my presentation of facts.

    The truth is NO Muslim ever worships Kaaba or the Black stone. Visit any local mosque to see for yourself. The truth is that Kaaba is our Qibla the direction towards which we turn in our prayers. And Kissing black stone is a tradition of Hajj, nothing else.

    We believe and worship ONE True God who is Absolute, Eternal, Who neither Begets nor is Begotten, Is Image less, and there is none Comparable to Him in the entire Creation.


    1. "Islam existed on this earth since time immemorial, or since the time man set foot on earth. The Quran states about Adam who was first man and first prophet of Islam on earth. His name and story exists in Quran & Hadith."
      :D In almost all your posts you have mentioned this...You seem to be very desperate in trying to imbibe this on people's mind...Now even I am thinking of creating a XYZ religion and it's holy-book would also have Adam's story..Then the followers would claim XYZ be the oldest...
      The point is, you preach the teachings but why do you want to debate on oldest or newest...there is nothing wrong in new/old....as your other posts say "Oldest religion need not be pure and authentic"

      I was like LOL when you said ISLAM is way of life...now you are copying the lines as well...

    2. Again LOL, ask me why.... this adam story quran has stolen from bible, which bible had stolen from mesopotamian. Now my friend what new thing quraan had told us? Did it give us whole world map? Mind it even if I have to set on my own new religion i would say it has existed ever since mankind existed. Doss it sound better?

    3. Concoction of Adam is the biggest proof of the dumbness and hollowness of Islam, do you know this? I give you 2 months to realize oen foolishness and then come to me and I'd make you understand. What's basis of "Adam" !! There were three enemies of Arya or Hindu people who have deliberately desecrated the most prominenet name in Indian history. But, enough damage has been done.. not any more

    4. you said you dont worship kaba, then why you touch and bow before it ? if you worship one Allah why you think it resides in only one structure kaba in only one direction? Is Allah so tiny that it exists in a stone structure? Do you even know why you bow before that black house? wait before I tell you..later. (blog)
      All muslims are well read fools, the world had waited for them to come to this realization ! You've done great work to fool just as islamist dogs have looted the world.

  13. satyam shivam sundarm


  14. My dear friend, you are reading books and articles that are written by western chaps (who have exported the real history and knowledge of veda and sanatan dharma and left behind fabricated an reconstructed version.

  15. The whole universe is an entity which thrives on diversity
    Of one single , simple form (the one) . The Hindu history is
    So colorful and vibrant due to diversity .... It is the rainbow
    Of spiritualism . All other religions are the diverse interpretation of divinity ... Although narrow minded and prejudiced people have turned it into a conflict of egos , they fail to comprehend that every diverse interpretation has it's own uniqueness and greatness just as every color
    in the rainbow has it's own frequency or visible spectrum. All this clamour about which is greatest is just regressing ourselves . We as humans need progress not the opposite

  16. You idiot man.
    Please acquire a proper history before making such claims.
    Seems like you believe in white christian historians who shifted the dates back to 2500 years to suit vatican.

    The lying British historians gave Vikramaditya nine jewels (sic!) in his court. One gem is poet Kalidasa who wrote a recent Shakuntala and the other is Dhanwantari -- even Varahamihira ( Mihira Muni 2660 BC ) .

    What the stupid Christian historians does NOT realize is that Dhanwantari is a product of Samudra Manthan.



  17. even quran is a book my frnd and no one except prophet has seen god and shia muslims believe in ali sunnis believe in mohammad than what does a muslim believe in the end and u argue everything with just quran as u r base not facts.

  18. I am surprised at the debate. Let the Muslims find out what religion did their ancestors follow before Islam came in to existence.

  19. instead of accepting the fact that islam is merely a 1376 years old sect n not even religion raised on anti-Hindu ideology, kaaba is the temple of Kavyashukra-later makkeshwar mahadev of whose King Vikramditya was a patron--the heralder of AryaDharm, you're spreading rubbish..
    and any Hindu must not be mistaken, muslims are not brothers of Hindus like any human, they are he only enemies of Hindus infact, and they have chosen it..

  20. Ancient arabia was known as Arabyasthan, in sanskrit language to the people of Aryabarta, King SANJIT first attacked arabia and constructed the shiva temple after conquaring the country. many years later, king vikrama or Chandragupta second conqured this land again and reconstructed the temple again, Mr Imran or whatever your name is should see the inscription where the people of ARABIA wrote praising king vikrama as their great king or libaretor, this great king lled his victorious army upto russia andmade their king bound to pay tribute, after many years the barbarians of islamic world captured some main places(not full country) of our country and destroyed those historical records or scripts. even at the time of Caliphate, the hindu kings like lalitaditya muktapida, prince kalbhoj conqured many parts of bukhara, persia and made the muslim sultans bound to pay tribute, but these records were destroyed as the muslim kings only wanted to keep the records of their victories on hindus. later when hindus recaptured afganisthan and Kasmir under the leadership of Ranjit Singh and Mahadji Sindhia, at that time some records were found, So my dear muslim friends alaways remember, your religion is not very old and rich, you people deserve dishonour, for example what Samrat Chengiz Khan did with your muslim worlds and what America is doing with your world or what we alaways do with you people at pakisthan. you guys can only fight like cowards(killing innocent people). Anyway never dare to challenge about authenticity of king bikrama, because you muslims are uncivilized, uneducated barbarians, I am surprised to know how you guys taking part about a serious discussion like Raja Vikramditya.

  21. I dont understand, why an argument is going on, about great emperor Chandragupta Vikramditya, with some uncivilized, savage mentality people like Imran khan, whole world know about Vikramditya and whole world know about the uncivilized islam relegion. They only understand the language of their uneducated mullas they also understand the language of treatment which they got from Samrat Temu jin(Chengiz khanan) Vikramaditya treated them kindly after capturing them, so they can deny that kaba was not built by king Vikram. It is better for us to stop argument with these uncivilized, uneducated muslim people, who dont have any origin, we should argue and discuss on issues with civilized people of the world. Rahul Banerjee

  22. 12000 years old dwarka city is below indian water, we have vedas which are more then 7000 years old.
    And what do muslims have a quaran copied from hindu scripts, and only stories of Abraham, adam and blah, blah, both quran and bible has teaching and stories which are 4000 years old. So one can seen who copied from whom, Hinduism is mother of all religion, doesn't matter if muslims and catholics like it or not. We got proof and they only got stories of twisted history

    1. No friend quraan was not copied from hindu scriptures it is actually copied from bible and old testment. Their knowledge about this world so less they didnt even know what exist beyond india. They didnt have any idea aboit other religion and culture.

  23. I am an athiest.but I will tell you one thing, its really hilarious the way muslims argue about islams origin. Why are you guys so insecure. What are you afraid of. And writing peace at the end of your comments does not make you peaceful. I respect all religions but islam really needs to renovate its religious preachings. Your people have taken the wrong path full of hatred and anti humanism.

  24. So clear that You are misleading Truth.. Good Luck.. Try Harder cause the Truth will bite you back

  25. Oh indeed you know Kaaba is temple and that is why you came out with this Blog of denial.. Keep it up.. Try harder

  26. very absurd presentation of collected facts. The Mugal story makers have been creating all kind of b....t in last 1000 yrs and more. Let this bloke answer what was before 630 AD before Mohammed? There are more evidence about the Vikramditya's global empire than what you think! You just wait.
    In the meanime try to find out what's the etymology of Allah, haj\Vraj, Eed etc.
    try to find out Kuvattul islam mosque made of Hindu architecture..Examples you've stated are all farcical samples of current times including the british-Communist historian Majumdar to a Puran-Bhavishupuran made in Islamic rule! This story of Vikramditya is gloriousmost story of all histry, sp for Hindus or Indians.
    Its time for the revelation and destruction of all untruth as spread by the Islamist goons all over the world!