Kaaba Is Not A Hindu Temple

Kaaba Is Not A Hindu Temple

Thursday, 6 October 2011

A Jaw Breaking Response to P N Oak And His Lies!

By Imran Khan

Few years back when I was working on a article on “Significance of Hajj in Islam”, I came across many websites, blogs, forums claiming “Kaaba is a Hindu Temple” on the internet. I shrugged it off my shoulders as nothing of this sort ever appeared in Mainstream Media. But during some debates, discussions and people commenting on mainstream media started giving referances to the websites, which were claiming Kaaba to be a Hindu temple. Now these websites have overshadowed the search engines as they have posted this article by P N Oak on majority of Hindu websites, blogs and forums, without investigating the authenticity of the article. 

Majority of them quote referance from this website http://www.hinduism.co.za/kaabaa.htm Now I will be refuting this article using authentic referances and suffecient proofs, unlike most of the article in those Hindu websites, blogs & Forums who Insult, Abuse and slander other religions without any Proof or referance. I hope this work will remove the Ignorance from their minds and hatred from their hearts and will guide them to the TRUTH. 

In the PAST it was Kashi/Mathura/Ayodhya Mosques.

At present it is Taj Mahel/ Kaaba.

In the Future it will be Statue of Liberty/ Pyramids of Egypt/ Effiel tower.

If we do not stop them now, we will never stop them from claiming the World!

I nearly chocked to death while laughing when I saw this article on the net. It affirmed my earlier conviction that Aryans are fit for nothing. I really felt it worthless to debate on topics dealing with fiction. But when the Myths & Fictions are portrayed as truth, I had to fight back, to educate these Aryans on differentiating between Fact & Fiction. But the Aryan thuggies like to remain illiterate and lead a life full of Fantasy.
Truthfulness of Aryans ???

Gautama V.24: Kruddha-hristha-bhitartalubdha-balashavira-mudha-mattonmmattavakyany anritany apatakani.
Visistha XVI.35; Mahabharata VIII. 3436
Vivahakale ratisamprayoge
Pranatyaye sarvadhanapahare
Viprasya karthe hy anritam vadata,
Pankanritany ahur apatakani.

“If a man speaks an untruth at the time of marriage, during alliance, when his life is in danger, or loss of his whole property (is threatened), and also for the sake of a Brahman, it has been declared that these untruths are not mortal sins”.

Gautama XXIII.29:  “Some declare that an untruth spoken at the time of marriage, during alliance, in JEST, or while one suffers pain, is VENIAL!!

In the very beginning of the article “Kaaba a Hindu Temple?” there is a NOTE which states that:

[Note: A recent archeological find in Kuwait unearthed a gold-plated statue of the Hindu deity Ganesh. A Muslim resident of Kuwait requested historical research material that can help explain the connection between Hindu civilisation and Arabia.]

Now I would like to ask my breathern “Has anyone ever Herd about it in Mainstream Media or an archiological Journal in any part of the world?” The answer would be NO! NEVER! So how come a major archiological find like this ever go unnoticed, without any clue ? The answer would be that ‘Such a find never happened at all’!!!

What is the proof ?

Here it is:

I challenge my Hindu breathern to show me any piece of news/ article/ journal that speaks about the so called archeological find of Hindu diety Ganesh in Arabian penensula! If they cant, will you accept my claims if I state that “excavations near Kashi/ Mathura/ Varanasi have found a gold plate upon which name of Allah & Prophet Muhammad pbuh has been written” and as a result those places should be handed over to Muslims! If you consider your statements without any proof to be genuine, then you must also consider my statement to be genuine as it is also without any proof ar referance! 

Then the article states the name of the author and his qualification! 

"By P.N. Oak (Historian)"

Now has any one ever herd the name of any Historian named P.N.Oak ? The answer is NO! Neither have we ever herd the name nor have we come across any important Historical book authored by Mr P N OAK, so lets see who Mr Oak is and whether he is qualified to be a Historian or not!

Who is P N Oak ?

Purushottam Nagesh Oak (March 2, 1917 - December 4, 2007), commonly referred to as P. N. Oak, was an Indian writer and self-styled Professor, notable for his historical revisionism. Oak's "Institute for Rewriting Indian History" issued a quarterly periodical called Itihas Patrika in the 1980s.

Is he a Historian ?

Dozens of blogs and websites refer to him as "Professor" P. N. Oak, but he never was a professor, nor was he a PhD. According to his own account, he did M.A. (Agra) and L.L.B (Mumbai), and was an official in the Ministry for Information, and wrote various journalistic pieces.

A brief review:

Oak has written several books and articles on Indian history and founded an "Institute for Rewriting Indian History" in 1964. According to Oak, modern secular and Marxist historians have fabricated "idealized versions" of India's past and drained it of its "Vedic context and content". Srinivas Aravamudan noted that Oak's work typically resorts to "deep punning"associating Sanskrit sound-alikes with non-Sanskrit religious terms (such as Vatican=vatika "hermitage",

Islam=ishalayam "temple of God" and similar). Based on this, Oak claims that both Islam and Christianity originated as distortions of "Vedic" beliefs. He thus alleges that the Kaaba in Mecca was originally a shrine to Shiva and that the Papacy was "a Vedic priesthood" until Constantine the Great killed the "Vedic Pope" and replaced him with the head of the hitherto unimportant Christian sect.

Oak finds some mention in passing as an eccentric in academic literature on the Hindutva wing of Hindu nationalism. Aravamudan (2005) calls him a "mythistorian" whose life's work may be summarized by the title of his work World Vedic Heritage: A History of Histories, Presenting a Unique Unified Field Theory of History that from the Beginning of Time the World Practised Vedic and Spoke Sanskrit. Edwin Bryant writes that most academics would consider him a 'crackpot'.--- The Quest for the Origins of Vedic Culture: The Indo-Aryan Migration Debate, Edwin Bryant, Oxford University Press (2001), p. 4.

In which university of the world is his work recognized ??

While Oak's theories have been summarily rejected in academia, they have found a popular following among Indocentrists and some members of India's Hindu right. Art historian Rebecca Brown describes Oak's books as "revisionist history as subtle as Captain Russell's smirk" (referring to a character in the Hindi movie Lagaan).

The self claimed Historian further states that;

Glancing through some research material recently, I was pleasantly surprised to come across a reference to a king Vikramaditya inscription found in the Kaaba in Mecca proving beyond doubt that the Arabian Peninsula formed a part of his Indian Empire.

Which research material and where is it ? Where is the referance ? Where are the proofs ? Mr Oak the self styled historian found something of which 1.5 billion Muslims are unaware of, and neither any Muslim Historian nor a Non-Muslim historian has ever known. Now based on this hearsy Mr Oak concludes without DOUBT that Arabian penensula formed a part of Indian empire! I leave it to the students and fans of Mr Oak to complete the task that their Master could not do in his lifetime and enlighten your fellow Muslims and the whole world, by providing proofs and referances to your claims.

The self claimed Historian further states that;

The text of the crucial Vikramaditya inscription, found inscribed on a gold dish hung inside the Kaaba shrine in Mecca, is found recorded on page 315 of a volume known as ‘Sayar-ul-Okul’ treasured in the Makhtab-e-Sultania library in Istanbul, Turkey.

Having seen the far reaching and history shaking implications of the Arabic inscription concerning king Vikrama, we shall now piece together the story of its find. How it came to be recorded and hung in the Kaaba in Mecca. What are the other proofs reinforcing the belief that Arabs were once followers of the Indian Vedic way of life and that tranquillity and education were ushered into Arabia by king Vikramaditya’s scholars, educationists from an uneasy period of "ignorance and turmoil" mentioned in the inscription.
In Istanbul, Turkey, there is a famous library called Makhatab-e-Sultania, which is reputed to have the largest collection of ancient West Asian literature. In the Arabic section of that library is an anthology of ancient Arabic poetry. That anthology was compiled from an earlier work in A.D. 1742 under the orders of the Turkish ruler Sultan Salim.

The pages of that volume are of Hareer – a kind of silk used for writing on. Each page has a decorative gilded border. That anthology is known as Sayar-ul-Okul. It is divided into three parts. The first part contains biographic details and the poetic compositions of pre-Islamic Arabian poets. The second part embodies accounts and verses of poets of the period beginning just after prophet Mohammad’s times, up to the end of the Banee-Um-Mayya dynasty. The third part deals with later poets up to the end of Khalif Harun-al-Rashid’s times.

Abu Amir Asamai, an Arabian bard who was the poet Laureate of Harun-al-Rashid’s court, has compiled and edited the anthology.

The first modern edition of ‘Sayar-ul-Okul’ was printed and published in Berlin in 1864. A subsequent edition is the one published in Beirut in 1932.

The collection is regarded as the most important and authoritative anthology of ancient Arabic poetry. It throws considerable light on the social life, customs, manners and entertainment modes of ancient Arabia. The book also contains an elaborate description of the ancient shrine of Mecca, the town and the annual fair known as OKAJ which used to be held every year around the Kaaba temple in Mecca. This should convince readers that the annual haj of the Muslims to the Kaaba is of earlier pre-Islamic congregation.

This is the most important part of Mr P N Oak’s 12 page document, which the whole argument of his article is based upon. If it is proved that his claims are hollow and does not hold any ground then it will be worthless to debate on the other aspects of his document.

Q: Now is there any golden dish hung in the present day Kaaba ?

A: No! 

Q: What is the Proof ?

Q: Was any golden dish hung during Pre-Islamic Arabia in Kaaba ?

A: There were seven of these celebrated poems, each by a different poet. Unfortunately the seven poems are no longer preserved in the Kaaba—if, indeed, they ever did literally "hang" there—and the Arabs themselves are not entirely agreed as to either the names or the poems of these, their earliest writers. But the most noted among them are fully agreed on and highly treasured. Among them all, the poet probably earliest in date is Imru-ul-Quais, often spelled in our letters, which differ widely from Arabic forms, Amrulkais. 

A poet among the seven who is even more noteworthy is Antar, or Antarah; for he was afterward made the hero of the most celebrated of Arab romances.

 If we pause for yet another of the "hanged" poets, it must be for Zuhair, who is credited with beginning the philosophical and religious writings of his nation. Zuhair in his verses was less satiric than most of his brother poets. 

Q: What is the Proof ?

Q: Is there any famous library In Istanbul, Turkey,  called Makhatab-e-Sultania ?

A: No! 

It’s not a LIBRARY, it’s a HIGH SCHOOL !!!! Mr Oak does not know the difference between a LIBRARY and a SCHOOL. What a shame!

Q: What is the Proof ?

A: Galatasaray High School ( Ottoman Turkish : مکتب سلطانی, Mekteb-i Sultani; French : Lycée de Galatasaray), Istanbul , Galatasaray, Beyoglu 'one in the high schools .

Mektebi Sultaniye or Mektebi Sultani (Or Makhthab-e Sultania) is the nick name of Galatasaray Lisesi and the address and phone and fax numbers of Galatasaray Lisesi is as follows.

Galatasaray Lisesi, Kuloglu Mahallesi İstiklâl Cad. No: 159, 34430 Beyoğlu - İSTANBUL
Phone: +(0212) 249 11 00 Fax : + (0212) 252 17 52

There is a small library in Galatasaray Lisesi University, but it does not contain any manuscripts, but modern literature.

Here is it’s website: http://kutuphane.gsu.edu.tr/en/
Here is a list of E-mail addresses of Galatasaray Lisesi University Library staff for further details, you can contact them. http://kutuphane.gsu.edu.tr/en/administrativestaff/

Here is an alphabetical list of well-known and rich libraries in Istanbul

Neither  “Makhthab-e Sultania” nor “Galatasaray Lisesi” is a name of liberary in the whole of Istanbul!

Q: What is the Proof ?

Therefore no such thing as ‘Sayar-ul-Okul’ exists in the world except in secret swiss Vault of Mr P N Oak!

Q: What is the Proof ?

A: Because there is no proof of  ancient Arabic poetry  compiled from an earlier work in A.D. 1742 under the orders of the Turkish ruler Sultan Salim. It never happened!

P N Oak alleges that his fictional book Sayar-ul-Okul is divided into three parts.

The first part contains biographic details and the poetic compositions of pre-Islamic Arabian poets. 

The second part embodies accounts and verses of poets of the period beginning just after prophet Mohammad’s times, up to the end of the Banee-Um-Mayya dynasty. 

The third part deals with later poets up to the end of Khalif Harun-al-Rashid’s times.

Though we don’t have the fictional book “Sayar-ul-Okul” present with us till date (Because it never existed). Yet we have numerous historical books written by professional western historians that deal will all the THREE parts mentioned by Mr P N Oak.

Arabian Poetry by W.A. Clouston [1881]


This should be enough to refute the baseless and shameless allegations of Mr P N Oak!

Oak further states that “Abu Amir Asamai, an Arabian bard who was the poet Laureate of Harun-al-Rashid’s court, has compiled and edited the anthology”.

There was no poet by the name of  “Abu Amir Asamai” to ever have existed in Harun-al-Rashid’s court. Infact there was no person by the name “Abu Amir Asamai” to have existed in any span of time in the history of the world!

Instead Abu-Nuwas al-Hasan ben Hani Al-Hakami (756–814),a known as Abū-Nuwās (Abu Novas), was one of the greatest of classical Arabic poets in Harun-al-Rashid’s court. And he never compiled or edited the anthology named “Sayar-ul-Okul”.


No first or last edition of ‘Sayar-ul-Okul’ was ever printed and published in leave alone Berlin in 1864 but in any part of the world. A subsequent edition is the one being published in Beirut in 1932 is another LIE. How can anyone publish a book that does not exist ? Use some common sense folks!

Mr P N Oak further writes that, “The collection is regarded as the most important and authoritative anthology of ancient Arabic poetry”. 

How can a book of fiction that does not exist be regarded as the most important and authoritative anthology of ancient Arabic poetry”?  

Mr P N Oak further writes that, “It throws considerable light on the social life, customs, manners and entertainment modes of ancient Arabia. The book also contains an elaborate description of the ancient shrine of Mecca, the town and the annual fair known as OKAJ which used to be held every year around the Kaaba temple in Mecca. This should convince readers that the annual haj of the Muslims to the Kaaba is of earlier pre-Islamic congregation”.

My dear brother most of the historical books on the culture of Pre-Islamic Arabia throws considerable light on the social life, customs, manners and entertainment modes of ancient Arabia. They also contains an elaborate description of the ancient shrine of Mecca, the town and the annual fair which used to be held every year around the Kaaba temple in Mecca.

Here is the book that throws more light on social, religious, customs, manners etc of Pre-Islamic Arabian people. And the most surprising fact is that you will not find words like, vedas, Vikramiditya, Shiva, Shivling, etc etc in the entire book;

Q: What is the Proof ?

A: Here it is



Here are some famous searchengines, I searched them all and could not find ‘Sayar-ul-Okul’{Coz it does not exists}





No such thing as ‘Sayar-ul-Okul’ ever existed or exists in this world, nor was there a person named “Abu Amir Asamai” to have compiled it, and neither there is any library by the name ofMakhatab-e-Sultania”  in Istanbul Turkey. All these characters are fictionious work of P N Oak. Many Hindus were easily convinced as they are prone to Myths and fables in Hindu scriptures as part of their religion and belief. No wonder you might see HARRY POTTER as the next Avataar in the Hierracy of Hindu gods!

Fanatic and Intolerant Hindus have published various Anti-Islamic articles based on some BS started by a crackpot and American Embassy employee in Indian capital who became a revisionist historian in order to cover up the shame of Indian servitude of over a 1000 years under Muslims. I can tell that is your heartfelt desire but how is it going to pan out?

Yeah Professor P.N. Oak, believes that the whole world has been duped. It is a theory. Maybe a Hypothetical protocontinent with a  advanced and ancient Vedic culture that was a global society.

The text of the inscription Oak quotes from is said to be taken from a manuscript he identifies as Sayar-ul-Okul, allegedly an anthology of Arabic poetry kept in the Makhtab-e-Sultania Library in Istanbul, Turkey. Oak claims the anthology was compiled in 1742 on the orders of a "Sultan Salim" (the actual
Sultan at the time being Mahmud I), and alleges it was first edited in 1864 in Berlin. The Sayar ul-Okul has since been propagated by fringe Vedic mystics 

I am looking at the Rand McNally’s Atlas of the world history, what I don't see is the parts Makkah & Medina have ever been under any of the super powers of old who were the biggies like of Persians and Alexandrians except of course the Muslims' own Umayyad, Abbasid’s and Ottomans. Don't believe go buy one or go to your local library if you have one!!!

That knucklehead happens put forward a hypothesis  that  TAJ MAHAL was a shrine of Hindu deities too. Who will buy that in today’s  world? Yes if the Hindus are so jealous of Mumtaz Mahal/ Shah Jahan's jewel of a mausoleum where many heads of states have gone to be a witness of the historical monument.
They can destroy it just like they did the Babri Mosque cuz they have the majority and the power but that is about it.

Fat chance for rewrite of the history!

Forget Professor P.N. Oak, and theories

Why not trying to find some articles about the KING Vikramaditya ?

I'm not a historian

If the Moguls were like the Catholic inquisitors and had eliminated all the Hindus in India but being Muslims it couldn't be!

Your own credibility has been shot to hell with your reference to Oak's crap.

He says that Christianity began as a form of devotion to Krishna.

Krishna is just the hero of the 18th chapter of the novel or epic Mahabharata, the Bhagavad-Gita, who never existed as a person.

He is the result of divinization of a novel hero, like the Greek or Roman gods. It is like making a god out of Hamlet or Sherlock Holmes who never existed, only in the mind of the writer, of Shakespeare and Sir Arthur Conon Doyle.

There are many wonderful novels and epics with great moral and social teachings, but you can't make each Heroes of a Novel to be God. In this logic you can take little Hobbit Frodo from Tolkien's "Lord of The Rings" as God.

Most Hindu gods do not exist as a person and they never existed, they are the result of divinization of novels or epics heroes, like the Greek or Roman gods... or like the many false gods of ANIMISM .

SatyamewaJayathe { Truth Alone Trumphs}


  1. Hey bro, good work. I like your style. I will make sure to display your link in my blog. Very informative, and surealy a JAW-BREAKING response to those A$$ #01&$.

  2. What is the difference in Shivay Namaha and Ish Salam.
    Aham Bhrama asmi and Khuda Allah

  3. Hey, you all muslims in india knows that each and every muslim was an HINDU before conversion,and in your so called artical you never ever give any words about why muslims shave tere heads,wear two piece of unstitched white cloths and round seven times around kaaba temple??? LIKE any HINDU do in a SHIVA TEMPLE.Second Why not in any mosques you do like this?? and why you you wants yo Touch a "BLACK STONE",which is a SIN in Islam,that you do not believe in STONE praying!!I am shocked that you muslims have not yet decided that What are you praying for in a "BLACK STONE"!!That black stone called Sange aswad is a Shiva Lingam,which was destroyed by Prophet Mohd.and again rebuild by the order of his Uncle( Chacha)Ibrahim,who is a PADAAN Or Panda or Panday or Pandit of Kaaba,He told to Prophet Mohd.That I am rebuilding of Kaaba and you and your followers always respect this Sangey aswad as our Kabila Does for centuries.so Mohammad Kissed it to pay respact after Shiva Linga reconstructed by His Uncle and his cousin,But the Linga or the upper part of linga was never return by prophet to his uncle,the Base part of YONI of Maa parwati was still there at Kaaba.you all Muslims knows very well all about.So why dont you restricted the entry on Non Muslims in Kaaba Temple? and why dont you all muslims entered in kaaba with out IRON mattel in any shape or size? Because Sangey Ashwad(Ashweit or Non White)is a PARAS NATH which was given by LORD SHIVA to the Ravana of Shri Lanka by Himself to Build a Shiva Temple in Shri Lanka.But that Shiva Linga was set there when Ravana Put it there when he was Thristy to drink water in desert.that is having powers to convert Iron into GOLD.Paras is the name of GOLD.But if any one other then a BRAHMAN do this his entire QUAM will be eleminated by GOD or MAHADEV.Mohammad is also comes out from word MAHADEV itself.As he was also a Bhakth of Lord MAHADEV.

    1. Dude you learn to revisit history faculty, Abraham was not uncle of Muhammad, there is thousand years gap between there times, also Abraham came first, which bible and torah too suggests, he was the one who destroyed all the idols in Kaaba and put the sword in neck of bigger idol and asked idol worshipers to ask the big one who killed all other so they can feel ashame that an idol which can't even move is not a god.
      Also shaving of head is done after hajj, you should watch video of hajj on youtube for more details.
      First educate yourself on religion then ask questions.

  4. @truthforum: You should also know that all the Hindus were not called Hindus before the coming of Muslims to India and Hinduism did not exist until British named your religion as Hinduism ;) **I will write a new article on the rituals of Hajj, their roots and origins** shortly as it is a vast subject.

    Again your whole comment is fictions and has no base either in history of the world or history of Islam. If you are truthful about what you speak, then you should give references from hindu scriptures or hindu history books to support your claims.

    Anyway my good friend who is a Dalit Hindu and a Scholar of Hinduism has expressed his willingness to write few articles on Shiva, his adobe, places of pilgrimage of Shiva, Rituals performed by Shivates at the pilgrimage when they visit Kailash & Amarnath. You will get your answers from a Hindu himself.


    1. lolzz.....wat rubbish u r talking.....go n learn ur religion n quran first. u urself dnt know it n boast of that ur the the most knowledgable.....hahaha! grow up man...

    2. brother imran...you want proof of everything..i cant prove everything but encyclopedia britannica documents the vikramaditya inscription...now don't tell me britannica is wrong...and why would you kiss a stone..isn't it against islam.

    3. Hey Imran first of all understand and accept if you are wrong don't try to cheat your self. Hinduism is the oldest,only uncreated and self existed religion in the world then how you could say British named Hinduism. Other than Hinduism all the religion are just created by someone.




  6. @ Manish Kumar: Peace be on you!

    Brother if you know your History, then you should also be aware of something called "Aryan Invasion". I know that most of the Hindutvawadis oppose this fact, but they know that if they do not suppress this truth, the dominant culture, tradition and religion of India will be from Alien society that Invaded India through Khyber pass.

    Before we speak about the term "Religion" first see the definition of the term "Religion" in dictionary. I doubt Hinduism fits into this definition. Rather there are thousands of sub religions within the Umbrella of Hinduism.British knew it, so they named "Hinduism" based upon the "n" number of cults prevalent in India.

    I know you are a Shiv-ate, but a Vishnivate will never accept the types of belief you have.

    Moses, Jesus, Buddha never said that what they were presenting to the people is their own ideology. They attributed their revelation to One true God. It was the same truth thought by all the prophets, later on people changed the truth to suit their malicious purposes. Thats the reason why so many prophets were sent on Earth. Today this corrupted version are based upon the name of a tribe (Judiasm) or their Prophet/ god (Christianity). But Islam derives it's name from "Silm" which means "Peace". Islam is not just a religion but a way of life, for whole of Humanity till eternity. So Islam is an eternal religion and a way of life.

    There were many people in the past, many people are there today and many will arise in the future, who claim prophet-hood, sainthood or god themselves. If you are a true seeker of truth, if you believe in selfless research of truth, you will realize that those claims can be disproved within seconds.

    When Prophets went out to preach their truth, they did not take the help of security or law enforcement. God Himself was enough for them. They were the same normal people with extraordinary qualities that were chosen to be prophets. Today there are 50+ Islamic countries, there were none at the time of death of prophet Muhammad. So your allegation fails in this regard.

    I am a student of comparative religious studies and I thank God for showing me the truth through selfless study of Islam and other religions.



    2. mr. Imran u r the worst debater i have seen....even worse than that idiot ZAKIR NAIK! even he debates a little sensibly than u....but anyways, carry on.....practise makes the man perfect...lolzzzz

    3. Dude why don't you sort out the Shia- Sunni issues rather than getting into Shaivik and Vaishnavs logic. The truth is as Hindus we are not just a religion but a way of life. We don't say kill all who don't believe in what we do. We are tolerant and we haven't attacked any nation in the course of mankind has known us. We don't destroy Bamiyan Buddha , a historical and cultural site as talibanis did. If you would compare it to the Babri masjid...Babar was an invader and an attacker and had no spiritual or religious leanings. This is a nation where Mughals, Britishers, Alexander etc attacked us and all we gave everyone is live, peace and brotherhood. We are more tolerant,democratic and peace loving nation than anyone. We have enormous languages, religions, caste and creed...diversity and even flaws...still we live and grow. It's hig time you grow bcoz you have a bone to pick with Oak, so don't try to make it a war between the religions...we are all mortals and our conduct and deeds are paramount. I think this should suffice your quest for interpreting history and mythology to suit a religion that you want to force people to believe in. Stop using technology,entertainment because most of it is given by west who happen to follow Christianity that you are very much against.

    4. You first straighten your grammer chandan moron..

    5. Ur arrogance as a student of comparitive religions is astounding. As a hindu I will respect anything that is held as sacred whether by myself or others. But I see this aspect completely missing in u guys. Ur only intention is one upmanship. ..bordering on the childish. Read a comment about hindus reacting to 1000yrs of servitude...but see we survived that many years of cruelty. U hv still not been able to convert india....all that u guys did was destroy...not only temples also institutions. Wud recommend u visit historical places like hampi, badami etc where u can probably write a piece glorifying barbarians of ur ilk and how even though they didnt have the knowledge & capacity to build anything worthwhile they were experts at destruction. Surprising that in all sanctimonious descriptions of ur religion. ..u never xplain their fetish to destroy. Yes only ppl like u will recommend AIT...but dont worry thats a myth that will xplode into ur face....just like krishna being a myth xploded wen dwaraka was discovered.

    6. Actually, the Aryan invasion was proven false, and that Shiva has been recorded to be worshiped by the Austro Asiatic population before Central Asian migrants even came to India.

  7. Mr.imam who are you to put freaky questions on Mr.OAk......you think yor smart enough to challenge oak's research work.......now I am saying wat proofs yu have to proove yor stupidity.........worthless.......yu can't tell anyone what to believe and what not to.....who are you.....are you khuda...dat we shud follow yor mad stuff......anyway I appreciate yor try......learn to be a analyser first.....and even more learn to be a human first.....you yorself lack the sense of religion.......we all are made of same elements.....we all are son if same god.....you spit on a Hindu got.....dat is a spit on yor khuda.....actually I wud advice yu to learn Sanskrit......rest yu will get yourself.......theres only one god ......Shiva......you call them...Allah/khuda or whatever....I don't care.........better yu use yor words carefully......

  8. one more query......who can proove that Muhammad was a messenger...lyk you said our gods are fictitious...I doubt whether Muhammad ever existed....how dare you hurt someone's very own truths.... well for yor kind info.. dude our religion is one of the oldests....that's why people easily raise stupid questions....and I think you shud not take part in this debate....coz I have heard dat it's a sin in Islam ......anyways...memorise ....Satyam Mev Jayate......har har mahadev....jai hind

  9. abe chutiya imran first understand what is camparative religion and then put the blogs
    in camparative religion dont try to shiw how ur religion is best show what are the similarities as mr.oak used to put
    chutiya first connect the world in ur brain and then put in blog
    chutiye kaba ke ander u will find gold plate so u studi verifiey with islamic reserch of ashwasthan(arabia) land of horses and put in forum
    chutiye there is sher-e-okul poet book in the trukey u verify it and dont u bothr if it is schoo or liberay

    chutiya sala
    tere pe lord shiva ki krupa rahe aur to sachayi jane
    chutiya sala chul hut

  10. Interesting arguments and counter arguments. The aryan invasion so far is an historical fact. Those who oppose it forget it that there is something called cultural assimilation. Hinduism does that. Not any other religion. We should rest with the argument that Hinduism, by its nature (and not by what VHP RSS propagates) is a democratic religion since it permits other Gods to stand side by side.

    We should also remember that all religions have myths as part of their build up process to give it a halo. That is why we get to know about Al Isra, Al Miraj, all the miracles in Christianity and in Hinduism. Hope we agree that all religions do it and even Islam has its own share of so called miracles.

    Regarding Kaba, there is not enough proof of a Shiva temple, but since many Gods across cultures have similar attributes (Zeus, being similar to Indra, both had thunderbolts!), there could be similarity between pre-Islamic Arabic Gods and Indian Gods. But they necessarily do not overlap. it may also be true that some Indian king would have paid money to repair Kaba and left an inscription for that (Indian people do that. They may pay for a church or Mosque and temple and get an inscription as a source of recognition.), which could have been a gesture to the people of the region and mistaken by Oak. But again, this is just my theory and there is no proof of it. I merely tried to put forward an alternative explanation o what oak claimed. Indian kings were never known for preaching Hinduism, so Kaba Shiva temple is doubtful

  11. You idiot you have done lot of research.Do some research on youf for-fathers.You will also find one of your previous genration as hindu.

  12. Mr imran khan, if you muslims are so sure please let us enter kaba and verify-- why u restrict non muslims

    1. Even if the Muslims allowed you to enter and verify the Kaaba, in the most likely event that you won't find anything relevant there, you will say that the Muslims destroyed all the evidence and then let you in. Just like the Taj Mahal argument...

    2. very true...
      In the PAST it was Kashi/Mathura/Ayodhya Mosques. what a moron...read SPREAM COURT VIRDICT and Pls TRAVEL MadhyaPradesh and see 2000 destroyed or converted temples by aurangzeb...

  13. learn from this guy how to wash out any history before islam as there was no Religion before islam .now refine your search and chill there was country called "Bharat " where Sanatan Dharma existed since thousand yrs when the was no USa no Arab ,the wole world was one entity and well connected
    We are tired of giving now we want peace ...chill

    Law of Motion by Indian Scientist Kanad 1700 Yrs n ..
    Gravity by Indian Scientist Bhaskarachrya 500 yrs before Newton
    theoram Written by Indian Mathmatician " Bodayan "2500 before Pythogoras
    Atom property of liquid discovered by Indian Scientist Kanad 1800 yrs John Dalton
    Planes disvored first by Indian scientist Bharatdwaj 600 BC long before Right Brothers
    Human surgery by Surgeon Sushrut 200 BC
    Yoga By Guru Patanjali 200 BC .
    Aayurveda By Guru Charak 200 BC .
    Chemical metlurgy 700 AD by Scientist Nagarjuna .
    About stars and constellations -Scientist Garg Muni @5000 yrs back

  14. one more thing do your homework properly. learn to read books other then religious books. Its good to debate but not wityhout homework.its not abt supremeacy its abt contribution and exixtance .thks

  15. No body need your authentication or mine.Things are poved by fatcs and time .And this is not written by self claimed historians .this is auntehnticated by Islamic historians like Al-beruni(11 century ard ) and ancient travleers like Hwansang (7 Century ard) travelled when Islam was just born .i respect any religious views but but saying shit like i am the best ,idiots are rest .Grow up learm to accept others too ,who were there long before islam .also Gandhi will also be fiction after 5000 yrs ,may be only in books.

  16. you maybe having some of the facts right. but i can also say that you are trying to be ignorant and egoistic on this matter. i have read a lot of pn oak's books. there are sure some mistakes and faults found in his books. i have myself found some of the faults what he has written in his works. but overall he wasnt someone to be considered as someone to be writing whatever he wants or likes. and the way you have written here. taj mahal WAS a shiva temple. only idiots like you who unnecessarily stating that taj mahal was not a shiva temple should rather take a proper study based on this. this has been proved. sad to see that i couldve come around a good and fine article stating the faults of his works but when i tried to read further in your article, there was nothing but only your ego against the hinduism. there are a lot of research articles based on hindus. and there are certainly many theories in the world. which is wrong and which is right cant be said. but yours was nothing like the pointful theories they make. and also, without any reason, nobody writes whatever he wants. there are things that i know what is wrong and what is right in the indian history. no need to put some egoism into it. there are better posts i have come across.

  17. "...Itrashaphai Santu Ibikramatul Phahalameen Karimun Yartapheeha Wayosassaru Bihillahaya Samaini Ela Motakabberen Sihillaha Yuhee Quid min howa Yapakhara phajjal asari nahone osirom bayjayhalem. Yundan blabin Kajan blnaya khtoryaha sadunya kanateph netephi bejehalin Atadari bilamasa- rateen phakef tasabuhu kaunnieja majekaralhada walador. As hmiman burukankad toluho watastaru hihila Yakajibaymana balay kulk amarena phaneya jaunabilamary Bikramatum..." (Sayar-ul-okul, pg. 315).

    Rendered in free English the inscription reads as follows:

    "...Fortunate are those who were born (and lived) during king [Vikramaditya’s] reign. He was a noble, generous dutiful ruler, devoted to the welfare of his subjects. But at that time we Arabs, oblivious of God, were lost in sensual pleasures. Plotting and torture were rampant. The darkness of ignorance had enveloped our country. Like the lamb struggling for her life in the cruel paws of a wolf we Arabs were caught up in ignorance. The entire country was enveloped in a darkness so intense as on a new moon night. But the present dawn and pleasant sunshine of education is the result of the favour of the noble king Vikramaditya whose benevolent supervision did not lose sight of us - foreigners as we were. He spread his sacred religion amongst us and sent scholars whose brilliance shone like that of the sun from his country to ours. These scholars and preceptors through whose benevolence we were once again made cognisant of the presence of God, introduced to His sacred existence and put on the road of Truth, had come to our country to preach their religion and impart education at king Vikramaditya’s behest..."

    1. you are right bro but they will never accept it...they prefer and give importance to google baba than ancient books.

  18. I AM A Hindu and I accept the fact that all that P. N. Oak has written about Kabaa is 100% pure shit. I myself did an advanced google search but found nothing about it. But you shouldn't have called all Hindus fools and this and that. In a community with almost 1 billion people, there are many crooks but not all Hindus are like that. It's not that Muslims are 101% good and perfect. There are many Jihadis out there to destroy world peace. But I also have many Muslim friends too. Zakir Naik himself told in this video (http://youtu.be/fbKPUGtQHtg) that religions are just a path to reach god. Then why we all fight while we can peacefully coexist? Let me repeat once again, I am a Hindu.

  19. kabba was the hindu temple. it is proved by historians

  20. kabba was a hindu temple. for proof you can explore following site

  21. kaaba was temple, its in my heart and you can not change it. ever ever..also
    1)shiv linga
    2)circling the idol are the biggest proofs

  22. Having read the entire article and comments from the readers, I just had one thought - What a loser! I wasted my precious time reading BS from some one who bases everything on present information and citations.

  23. Just I want to know Imran Khan why restricted the entry on Non Muslims in Kaaba Temple? can u please explain..... Brother.

  24. Mr khan , islam came in to being just 1400 years ago and judaism, christianity and ofcourse hinduism was originated far far ago and you can see many prophets of other religion is your prophet as well and you claim that your islam is a chain to preveoius religions but last one from god. what i want to tell you is islam claims other religion's things to be their own because it has nothing indegenous and if u see other religions they have huge things belonging to them indeginiously ..you call aryans the uneducated etc etc but mr khan first read abt aryan history and their science ,medicine, mathematics, engineering and many many more i am sure you will be astonized .come out of well and see the well.. real world is outside of that well .

  25. As salam alykum brother imran.

    " Those, however, who reject (the guidance), it makes no difference to them whether you warn them or warn them not, they will not believe.

    Allah has sealed their hearts and their hearing and placed a blindfold over their eyes, and severe punishment awaits them. " Quran: chapter 2 verse number 6 and 7.

    Brother, do not waste your time on one who doesn't understand. And do not argue with people who doesn't have knowledge.

    Allah (Aza WA jal) knows best. May he guide arrogant people!

  26. Brother Imran,

    Accept my heartfelt gratitude for writing this article. When I first saw the original claiming that Kaaba is was a hindu temple, it made me restless and I was searching for the truth to refute the claim and I found your article to be the befitting reply to the claim. Further more you have helped my strengthen my Iman and stay steadfast in my Aquida. I pray that Allah provide you with Jazaye Khair.

    Abdul Basith

  27. Hi,

    I am against all what you said, here is why

    1. You talk of Mainstream Media not reporting - "Kaaba is a Hindu Temple", well there are two reasons for it - they dont want to hurt sentiments nor do they want Taliban who are intolerant to come behind their lives just because someone has stated a fact, so you shrugging something off your shoulders doesn't matter in the least. Truth is Truth even if no one believes it, a lie is a lie even though everyone believes it.

    2.You say we claimed - Mosques in Ayodha etc. of the past, Kaaba at present, future we will claim Statue of Liberty, I am sorry - we are not the ones who say - No one other than the ones who agree with Allah should survive & you guys rant everywhere else in the past that Arabs where the inventors of everything - which is the biggest lie on the planet. This is what happens when you are screwed in the head.

    3. You say Aryans are fit for nothing - Aryabhatta, Sushutra, Charaka, Agastya, Maya Dhanva, Varamahira, Bhaskara, Bharamagupta, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Yellapragada Subbarow & the tonnes of Aryan & Dravidian Indians who are holding key patents for greatest inventions & innovations of this planet, discovering many other greatest universes best kept secrets are all good for nothing. You see its all programming of DNA & possessing a Great Minds. You Talibani illiterates will never be able to get them - you never hear one single Muslim/Arab gaining great patents which we gain almost everyday. If I start listing them you will be embarrassed as you posses none of such great minds, jealousy or what I dont know.

    4. Vivahakale ratisamprayoge
    Pranatyaye sarvadhanapahare
    Viprasya karthe hy anritam vadata,
    Pankanritany ahur apatakani.

    I have not found it anywhere in the links you posted.. Even if it is there - it means it is not a sin if you lie to women or when you are married as this could strain relations and this is mainly because women cannot bear a shock - for ex. injury to a son, death of father etc.

    We are not like your kind - have illegitimate relations & then insensitively say Talak x 3 & leave the woman to fend for herself. We always believed in Dharma, whoever didn't follow it was taken to task, we never treated women like you guys - it has been proven by proper scholars that all social evils of India started during Mughal era - Devadasi, Sati etc.

    Lying when it is a danger to your life/when your wealth is being lost/stolen is the other interpretation, now where is the problem in that. So does Mohammadan Law you must be truthful to a thief/when your life is in danger..? This is a precedent used in all constitutions today, all come under exceptions from Imprisionment.

    Muslims preaching Truthfulness - Say Again...

    5.http://ajitvadakayil.blogspot.in/2009/07/vedic-practises-in-mecca-ajit-vadakayil.html - will answer all why Practices in Mecca are so different every other mosque on this planet..

    6. You say Krishna never existed as a person..? Thanks a lot for the great info.. You know what Mohammad Prophet is a myth only existing in the minds of the some Mullahs.. You shout where is proof where is proof.. I ask you where is proof of Krishna not existing

    7. You say "Aryan Invasion Theory" - http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report-new-research-debunks-aryan-invasion-theory-1623744

    DNA says there was Aryans and Dravidians are all having same DNA. Well that should be enough as this comes from Main Stream Media

    8. British have been culprits of forward dating.. Check out books from ML Raja on Aryabhatta, - its shows how Aryabhatta's birth date was tampered with & his real birth date was 2764 BC so all his contemporaries in Maths were all forward dated. He gives you a proper report on it.

  28. 9. Sanatana Dharma was practiced since thousands of years ago. Kalpa Vigraha - Carbon dated to 26540 BC a Mahavishnu idol exists with CIA with powers to charge water which when drunk ensures the drinker will be a super-centenarian.

    Vedas were compiled by those days itself. It passed on through oral tradition till it was written down in 5000 BC. It explains all aspects of universe. You need to 12 Strand DNA, Fractal Mind & King Size Pineal Gland to truly understand what Vedas is. You guys are incapable of it.. I dismantle you & your theories. I wish not to.. Please retract, West is embracing Hinduism & rejecting Islam for a reason..

    10. Allah concept has been lifted from Brahman (not Brahmin) - intelligent morphogenetic consciousness field.. Its functions were personalized & made into Human Form for easier consumption. We always say - Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva in their supreme form are formless & infinity

    Sanatana Dharma existed before Islam, it is only mere fact that you guys lifted from us.

  29. Can you tell me why so many rooms in Taj Mahal are closed and locked with high security ? It is because the moment people are allowed to enter it your dirty secret will be out in the open. That the Taj Mahal was a Devalaya will be revealed to the masses.

  30. Mr, Imran, Google, blogs, sites cannot give all answers in the world all the time, there are certain tings which u have to believe through your heart and inner mind, like you believed about your parents that they are the ones who gave birth to you instead of doubting, questioning and trying to prove that they are the ones gave birth to you or at the least not trying to Google. trying to know about your religion, learning the fact, origins of it are really exciting to know, but for the fact remaining educated for yourself is good as far as u understand it the way its said and not what you understand and don't try to become a creator of your own thoughts. There are lots of things that Google itself has not been able to find out, you will be terrified if you try to get deeper about shiva. God has given you good brains, never try to discuss or prove things wrong which even experts and scientists have failed to prove till now about what Hinduism is all of and what Hindus can do and have contributed in early time before even your religion came into existence. Your excitement is like you trying to prove what is there in Bermuda Triangle which no scientist have been able to prove till date and who ever tried to discover have only disappeared and gone missing without returning. Trying to talk about Hinduism and proving is out of your knowledge plz don't attempt. Just know one thing all religion have good and bad things in it, instead of wasting your time in proving things involve yourself on God and at least get answers from him, he is the only who can give you all answers what you want and that is possible only after you die or if you shower bhakti and do tapas you might get it before you die like our rishimunis did according to our Hindu mythology....

  31. wow...what a rubbish ? a gratefull rubbish? internet is filled with this type of rubbish.agar kaaba hindu temple nhi he to darte ku ho ise kisi aur dharm ke logo ko dikhane se...why do you not allow any non muslim to enter in kaaba?and i want to clear one thing to mr.imran khan...yes it is true that britishers gave our religion a name called hinduism...but they gave this name for their convenience.our religion real name is vedic sanatan dharm.and it is the oldest religion of the world.it is the only religion that has no founder...not a single human..because this is the religion created by GOD himself.and in the ancient period there was not any other religion except sanatan dharm therefore it was not essential to make it popular by giving a short name like hinduism...and the story told by you of 'aryan invasion'...is totaly a rubbish and bullshit given by max muller who was a christian and a anti hindu...who deliberately gave the wrong theory because of his hatred of hinduism.he was just like you.today there are many anti hindu people who are writing rubbish and lies in internet and u r one of them...your mughal emperors knew the reality of our religion thats why they burnt our ancient libraries that were fully filled with ancient granths and shastras...because they did not want that hindu religion would become in future..they wanted to finish our religion..so they convert crores of hindus to islam by threatening and killing.yet they did not get success of their devil ideas.and in the last i want to say to my hindu brothers and sisters dont believe in this type of anti hindu people and on thier rubbish theories because they hate our religion.and we hindu believe in our religion and dont believe in any rubbish theories given by anti hindus whoever they are either christian or muslim.

  32. today's young generation consider themselves very wise and scholor...by searching in google or in internet which is filled with very few reality and a lot of rubbish...the theories made according to only internet data and informations are not a genuin proof because that all informations were also uploaded by some other liers or any other imran khan or any other blind supporter...and it is the history of hindu religion that the followers of other religions always tried to denounce and defame the vedic sanatan dharm whoever they were either mughals or britishers because our religion and our culture is the oldest and well developed in ancient times.britishers and mughals were hate our culture and prosperity when they came because at that time our culture and our empire was the most prosperous and scientifically most advanced.thats why our nation was called the golden bird...but mughals looted and stole our property and after them britishers looted and destroy our infrastructure.and that historical system to defame our religion is also running today...like this theory given by ancient scholor imran khan...

  33. Dear All Brothers followers of so to say Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Confucianism (Not a Religion but a way of life), Zoroastrianism etc etc:

    The truth is Sanatan Dharma (not Religion) is a Way of Life when almost no religion existed. All human being created by this nature (HIM) has to have the same Way of Life (Dharma). All animate (plant and animals including human beings) or inanimate (buildings, tables, chairs, pillars) have a set way of life for which it is designed by nature, which we call Dhrama or Duty or way you have to live.
    You people are right telling that name of the Way of Life being led by people in India who were not followers of Islam and Christianity was named as Hinduism, quite fictitiously. Because the people who settled as Aryans or people already lived in the area across Shindu/Indu River, were referred as Hindus and still referred as Hindi or Indie by Europeans and Arabians, this is more of a geographical statement and followers of all religions are as such called Hindi or Indie by Arabians and Europeans.
    (Hindu) Sanatan God or Gods and their stories and their mantras are all just description and understanding of nature. The follower of Sanatan Dharma is not baptized to become a Sanatan, he is as born and remains as he was born, he is not forced to go to a temple or pray, it his personal believe or selection if he believes in certain God or does not, that is why perhaps some Muslims call them as kafirs or non-believers. Where as to follow a religion one has to get baptized. So today, so to say Protectors of Hinduism who themselves are misguided lot have started Rakshasa’s deads by creating chaos in public, terrorizing and killing people who convert and reconvert to other religion demeaning the Indian Way of Life or Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism).
    Neither Mohammed followed Islam before He started it, nor Christ followed Christianity, they all followed a Way of Life which was a Dharma or you can say Sanatan Dharma before they started a new Way of Life (The Religion) because the then prevailing way was distorted had become inhumane and these respected Prophets wanted to put the things right. Again in long run the Way of Life instituted by them have become distorted by various SECTs which have cropped up between those new named Ways of Life started by them and called Religion.
    All these Religions fail to give righteous way of life in long run due to vested interest of so to say proclaimed interpreters (Godmen) of the Religious Books. Today all Religions have failed us, they have become the roots cause of major conflicts and terrorism in the world, because all have to prove that their Religion is best and their God is superior. They all forget that all these Prophets taught that their if One God, they preached only Love.
    SO JUST BECOME A GOOD PERSON (INSAAN)…. Leave all such religions which make fight brother with brother.